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Without proper care and attention, your bike chain can quickly rust and need replacing. Minimise the need to replace your chain with regular maintenance, oiling, and cleaning. Over time chains build up grease and other debris so they do need frequent cleaning to perform to their best. Our range of bike degrease and lubricant is a perfect addition to the bike tools and kits you need to maintain your ride.

Bike Chain Cleaner

Cleaning your bike chain is easy with the right product and our range has many choices when it comes to cleaner. Most cleaning products help to remove grease and excess oil from your chain, helping it to function more effectively.

Bike Chain Lubricant

A well-lubricated chain ensures gear changes are smooth and easy. It should be part of any cyclist’s care and maintenance kit and is available alongside my other bike chain toolsin our range. We also have essentialpuncture repair kitsand an extensive range ofbike tools and workstands to make it easier for you to position your bike for regular maintenance.