Carabiners & Quickdraws For Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Vital to any climber's kit is a range of carabiners and quickdraws. A carabiner is a D or oval shaped loop with a spring loaded bar to keep it closed. It's most often used to easily thread ropes onto safety equipment, or to connect ropes together with the option to quickly release them.
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Carabiners are an essential piece of equipment and our range offers a robust design and durability. From small carabiners for lightweight trips to larger, more robust options for more challenging climbs, our product line caters to every need, including the perfect climbing clothing for more mobility and comfort. 

Perform your best at every climb using nifty gates that offer seamless clipping and unclipping. For extra security, check out our models with a carabiner lock. This locking carabiner features an advanced twist or auto-locking mechanism to keep your gear secure under the most challenging conditions.

The compact design of the small carabiner makes it a must-have tool for carrying your gear. Coming with a high load-bearing capacity, each carabiner hook is polished and smoothed to prevent damage to climbing ropes and rope bags.


Our Quickdraws, often used with carabiners, offer a swift and safe connection between the climbing rope and the rock face. These consist of two carabiners connected by a strong webbing and ensure you can clip your rope while staying safe. Pick out your dedicated climbing helmets for more safety equipment.

Our quickdraws include carabiner clips at both ends for fast and secure attachment. These are tried and tested to Climbing withstand the force of a fall and give you the peace of mind you need to perform at your best. Choose Decathlon for all your climbing needs, from carabiners and quickdraws to belay devices and climbing nuts, for reliable, high-performing climbing gear. 

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