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ARTENGO Speed 5 Metre Fold-Down Height Adjustable Tennis Net

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Our team of passionate designers created this adjustable and foldable net. Quickly set up your 5 m net for club lessons or playing at home. Looking for a 5 m tennis net that's fast to set up and easy take down? Set up for your tennis lessons in a flash and instantly adjust the net to your desired level.

Technical Information

How do you set up a tennis net in under 20 seconds?

Set up your 5 m tennis net in just three steps:
- Unfold the net base on the ground
- Turn the net to have it above the base
- Pull the strap to stretch the net and adjust the height
Save time when setting up for your tennis lessons and taking everything down at the end of the day!

About the Speed 5 m tennis net

With its rounded base and short net width, the Speed 5 m tennis net is not like any regular net. It's lightweight, quick and easy to set up!
The compact design when folded and low weight mean you can store it easily just about anywhere.
The strap has marks to tell you which height corresponds to the desired tension.

Why create a 5 m net?

Following on from the 3 m net, the saga of foldable nets continues!
Why create a larger net? For the same reasons: to make tennis easier, more practical and fun anywhere. This time, the 5 m net gives tennis clubs and coaches a size that is better suited to dividing the tennis court for drills. They can also adjust the net height based on kids' ages and levels.
And at home? The 5 m net is big enough to play doubles!

We're proud to present...

...An easy, reliable product to make learning fun.
We wanted to give clubs a solution suited to their needs on the court: easy to store, carry and adjust the height.
Our design team held round tables, performed tests, produced prototypes, and worked with tennis clubs early on in the process to create the best product possible.
We're happy to give you a net that makes tennis easy and fun!

A few tips for starting tennis

A word from Matthieu, our product manager:
"To start playing tennis, my advice is to play with balls and rackets that slow the game down to enjoy playing without worrying about speed. It's a great way to have fun straight away. This also works on smaller courts. That's one of the reasons we created this net. I've tried it when playing doubles with my kids, and I can tell you that you're guaranteed to have a good time!"

What about the size?

Let us tell you about the Speed 5 m tennis net dimensions. Good news: they're adjustable!
Thanks to the strap system, you can choose the net height: 50, 80 or 91.4 cm.
When folded down? The net measures 78 x 43 x 18 cm to make carrying and storage easier!

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Composition / advice

05.00% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 25.00% Steel, 13.00% Polypropylene, 24.00% Polyamide 6, 33.00% Glass - Fiber
25.00% Polypropylene, 25.00% Polyester, 50.00% Polyamide
Stock advice Store indoors to prolong the lifespan.

Our commitments

Our brand partner tennis coaches.
Test Product Our product was tested both indoors and outdoors with our partner clubs. The tests carried out on the net showed that it is ultra durable and easy to set up and take down.
Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Easy assembly / dismantling Save time: Frame is set up and taken down in 20 seconds!
Adjustable Adjust the height of the net in a flash thanks to the strap and buckle.
Easy transport Carry your net easily thanks to its compact design once folded.
Durability Your net is durable thanks to the steel frame and reinforced fabric.
Stability A longer and wider base for more stability.

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