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Edge grip, floatation and wide waist (wide).

  • 04 - Snowboard - Snowboard ALL ROAD 500 RENTAL WED'ZE
Reference : 8550144
04 - Snowboard


We developed this board for experienced riders who are not interested in freestyle, but who want to make beautiful turns on piste and on powder snow. Standard camber and medium torsion for good edge grip on hard snow. Extended nose with a rocker to float in powder snow. Black base to be easily spotted. Durable top sheet.

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Difference with the basic model

_ 100% black base to be spotted more easily
_ top sheet (top coating of the board) for greater strength

Programme and terrain

The All Road is the all-mountain board par excellence: 50% piste and 50% off-piste. You can go anywhere, on all types of snow, on-piste, off-piste and on powder, as well as on crusted snow thanks to its elongated front tip, that has been slimmed down to catch less. This is why the nose (front shovel) has this particular shape. Do not go to the snow parks: this board is not made for modules or to ride switch.

Directional Snowboard

The shape of the board is directional, that is to say that the board has a front and a rear. It is not symmetrical; the rear of the board is slightly narrower than the front and the bindings as well as the contact points of the snowboard are set back slightly.
A directional shape offers better edge grip when turning, better control of the trajectory and more acceleration on exiting turns.

Standard camber + rocker

We have retained all the benefits of a standard camber (thanks to the flexibility of the board, a standard camber acts like a spring to provide edge grip on all types of snow, quick edge-to-edge transitions and acceleration on exiting turns) and added those of the rocker (reduced stresses, the contact points of the board on the snow are closer together making the board more manageable). The rocker lengthens and raises the nose so that powder snow passes under the board more easily.

All-round medium flex

The flex is the stiffness of the board along its length.
The flex of the Bullwhip 500 All Road is about 3/5, which is an all-round medium flex. It is reliable in carved turns while also being forgiving of edge mistakes.

All-round medium torsion:

The torsional stiffness, which measures the stiffness of the board to twisting between the feet, is about 3/5 on the All Road 500, which is stiff enough for stability in turns, acceleration on exiting turns and liveliness in edge-to-edge transitions. This makes the board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, while not being too demanding physically.

25 mm setback

The setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance.
25 mm setback = significant setback for directional boards. It provides better stability in turns and floatation in powder snow because the weight is at the rear of the board which naturally makes the front come up.

Technical information

Mid-Wide size 163 cm
Front width 302 mm. Centre 265 mm. Rear 294 mm.
Radius 9.5 m.
Effective edge 1064 mm.
No. of inserts: 10 + 10 (3 possible positions per binding/20 mm between each/compatible with mini disk).
Recommended stance: 550 mm.

What size should you choose for your All Road 500?

For All Mountain use, choose a 15 or 20 cm drop (e.g. a person who is 1.74 m tall should choose a board between 1.59 and 1.54 m in length). Because the All Road has a rocker, you can choose one a little larger. A smaller sized board will be more manoeuvrable. This is also advisable for people who are light in relation to their height. A bigger board will be more stable at high speed. 158 cm (60-80 kg) => from 1.70m to 1.75m 163cm (75-90 kg) => from 1.75m to 1.82m 168cm (85 to 110+ kg) => 1.80m +

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30.00% Wood, 10.00% Steel, 30.00% Glass - Fiber (FG), 30.00% Epoxy
Stock advice Dry the edges at the end of the day to prevent rust. Ideally, wax every 5 outings. Summer storage: keep away from sunlight, you can leave your bindings on the board.
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. You may exceed the technical capacities of this product if you use it for any other purpose. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, back protector and protective shorts to enjoy your sport to the full.


Guarantee : 2 Years