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SUBEA Watertight surface marker buoy spearfishing backpack SPF 900

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Our Subea designers created this innovative surface marker buoy for advanced spearfishers wanting to carry all their equipment too. Innovative spear fishing surface marker! Morphs into a 40 litre watertight backpack allowing you to carry all your equipment to the water's edge.

Technical Information

Why does the buoy seem less inflated once in the water?

It’s a perfectly normal physical phenomenon... It does not mean your buoy is taking on water.
When you blow up the bag, the air inside will be warmer that the water you're putting it into.
As it cools, the air in the bag contracts and takes up less space. Fear not, if necessary simply adjust the inflation level by blowing up the bag a bit more.

How to attach the straps?

Begin by undoing the velcro on the centre section strap.
Thread the velcro strap from bottom to top in the space provided, then fold the strap onto itself.
Slide the 2 top plastic hooks from inside to outside in the loops provided (on the upper part on the back).
Slide the 2 plastic hooks from inside to outside in the loops provided (on the sides of the bottom of the bag).

How to remove the straps?

The 4 strap hooks have an anti-reverse claw.
To remove them, turn them back on themselves by pushing them against the sack then making them slide while rotating slightly, in order to disengage the claw.
Undo the velcro on the main strap and pull down.
Place the straps into the watertight bag.

Should I inflate the buoy to its limit?

No, it’s not necessary.
For best results when using as a board, it should be a little under inflated (if too inflated, it will tend to roll).

How do I deflate the buoy?

To inflate the buoy, simply close the watertight zip then blow it up using the one-way valve.
To deflate the buoy, flip the valve cover, which will allow you to deflate the bag simply by pushing on the one-way valve.

Why is my buoy unbalanced in the water?

For maximum stability, the buoy must be filled with at least 1.5 kg of ballast, clothing or equipment in the watertight bag. Generally speaking, the weight of your dry belongings in the bag will be enough to provide this stability.
If this is not the case and you want to attach just one speargun to the buoy, balance the buoy by placing a small ballast in the outside pocket opposite the speargun (ballast not included).

How do I put up the flag?

Unfold the flag pole then put it in the sheath provided at one side of the bag.
Attach the plastic hook to the loop to secure the pole.

Why shouldn't I leave the inflated bag out of water in direct sunlight?

The sun will heat the air in the bag, which increases its volume and could over-pressurise the bag.
This is best avoided so as to not put unnecessary pressure on the bonded areas of the bag.


1 mesh exterior pocket for long fins.
2 adjustable attachment systems for the guns (remember to secure the tips of your spears)
2 mesh side pockets for accessories.
2 D rings: to attach a halyard or fish hook.
Built-in buckle whistle in case of emergency.
2 side transport handles.
Fully removable backpack carrying system can be stored in the bag when getting in the water (for better hydrodynamics)

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Composition / advice

Main fabric
100.00% Polyester
100.00% Polyvinyl Chloride
Care instructions: Rinse in clean water after use. Dry in a dry and ventilated place.
Washing instructions
Hand wash
Hand wash
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry-clean
Stock advice Dry your backpack out of the sun and well clear of all sources of heat. Regularly (every 3 months) apply non-greasy silicone lubricant to the zip (included with pack)
Restricted use : Do not unzip when using as signal marker in the water.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Volume Buoy / 40 litre backpack for storing the spear fisher’s entire arsenal.
Watertight Watertight double-laminated PVC
Tizip watertight zip. D-ring locks the zip
Easy transport Removable straps turn your surface marker into a dry bag.
Compatibility Outside pocket on the long fins. Attachment system for two spearguns.
Flexibility Surface marker buoy morphs into a watertight backpack and resting board
Easy spotting Internal red and white flag, 1 metre mast.
Built-in whistle.
Customisation Space provided on bag to indicate your contact details and license number.
Hydrodynamics Rectangular shape. Smooth glide once straps are removed.

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