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INOVIK Adult XC S 500 skin classic cross-country skis SKINS + Rottefella Bindings

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Are you a regular cross-country skier seeking an easily-accessible ski that will help you improve your technique? The classic 500 ski is made for you. The 500 ski has mohair skins and a Rottefella binding, offering a high performance and an excellent grip/glide balance for improving.

Technical Information

1 - Choosing the right SIZE

The size of a cross-country ski is chosen according to your proficiency and height.
For the 500 ski with ski skins:
- 50 to 60 kg = 180 cm
- 55 to 70 kg = 185 cm
- 60 to 75 kg = 190 cm
- 70 to 85 kg = 195 cm
- 80 to 95 kg = 200 cm
- More than 90 kg = 205 cm
If you are between two sizes:
- For more comfort, choose the lower size to ensure the ski is more manoeuvrable.
- For more intense use = choose the larger size.

2 - SKIN grip, simplicity itself!

The grip of a cross-country ski is determined by the area at the centre of the base (under the ski).
It allows the ski to "grip" the snow and not slide when climbing while ensuring a smooth glide on a flat surface and down a hill.
There are 3 types of system: fish scale, grip wax and skins.
The 500 ski has a mixed skin grip.
Skins offer the same quality grip as a fish scale base, but they have the advantage of not making any noise and do not require waxing.

3 - PERFORMANCE bindings, the key to an optimised experience!

All of our skis are sold with Rottefella bindings that are compatible with the NNN, prolink and Turnamic standards.
The 500 skis with ski skins are equipped with the classic Rottefella PERFORMANCE bindings which are more suited to intermediate skiers.
The binding can be moved forwards or backwards to your preferred position using the key provided: For more grip, move the binding forwards/for better glide performance move the binding backwards.
It features a user-friendly locking mechanism.

5 - An extruded base – the right balance between glide performance and durability

The base is the part of the ski that is in contact with the snow.
It plays an important role in defining a ski's performance. It is made of polyethylene (HDPE) with an extruded or sintered HDPE manufacturing process.
The base of the 500 ski is made of extruded HDPE, produced from plastic beads heated and laminated using a roller to create a panel.
This process gives the base good glide performance and durability.

6 - Waxing, the secret of sustainability!

When buying skis, we recommend that you prepare the base well to achieve an optimum glide. Several consecutive waxings are best in order to "nourish" the base properly.
To maintain the performance of your skis, don't forget to wax them regularly!
To wax your skis, check out our tutorials on our Inovik YouTube channel or make an appointment in your Decathlon workshop.

GLOSSARY = Parts of a ski

Our skis are designed according to a "sandwich" process: different materials are layered at the core of the ski and over its entire width.
The end product is assembled using a press.
CORE = heart of the ski: made of wood (solid or with channels) or composite (honeycomb or Nomex®)
BASE = part in contact with the snow, made of sintered or extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
.GRIP = hold area beneath the ski
SIDECUT = width of a ski (tip, waist and tail)

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Composition / advice

Main part
60.00% Wood, 20.00% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE), 20.00% Glass - Fiber (FG)
Stock advice At the end of the season, wax your skis and store them indoors in a protective bag if you have one.
Restricted use : Compatible with standard boots: NNN, Prolink and Turnamic.

Our commitments

Test Product All of our products are tested in the field under real conditions by our panel of testers made up of professional instructors and coaches as well as regular cross-country skiers. Our skis are also subjected to laboratory tests: resistance, torsion, glide and camber.
Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Traction With 70% mohair mixed skins, for a good grip/glide balance.
Glide performance Extruded polyethylene base that delivers good glide performance
Stability Sidecuts: 41 - 44 - 44, offering a good buoyancy and stability
Power Wood core: superior durability with air channels: for a lighter weight
Lightweight 1420 g in 200 cm
Compatibility Rottefella high-performance classic NNN standard binding

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