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WEDZE XLD 500 RT Ski Touring Skiing Pack

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We have designed this pack to enable alpine skiing to discover the joys of cross country skiing in ski resorts. The XLD 500 RT are for everyday alpine skiing with your standard alpine skiing boots and discovering cross-country skiing thanks to its locking snow brake.

Technical Information

What is Resort Touring

Resort Touring is our definition of cross-country skiing in ski resorts.
Use the routes and circuits that are marked out by the ski resorts for going up the mountain and come back down comfortably using the groomed ski slopes.
This practice provides an introduction to cross-country skiing and an understanding of the basic techniques of the sport.
It is also useful for sportsmen and women who need a set training piste or route for improving without a problem.


The XLD 500 RT pair of skis is available in a pack with Tyrolia Ambition 12 bindings and ski skins.
The binding is fitted to a rail for adjusting its length. They can therefore fit as may foot sizes as possible.
The plate is assembled at the waist to fit all skiers.
This assembly enables you to lend your skis, change the size of boots, etc...
It is a huge advantage to easily discover cross country skiing.


The skins provided with the XLD 500 RT skis are sized and cut to the size and width of the ski.
They are made of 70% mohair and 30% synthetic materials – the ideal compromise in terms of gliding performance (when climbing in order to save energy) and grip (when climbing in order to reduce the backslide effect).
The skins are all fitted with a metal loop to fit most ski tips and an adjustable camlock on the back to fit the skin to the back of the ski.


Wood Sandwich construction with straight sidewalls.

What is camber?

When placing a ski on the ground, its points of contact are found near the nose and tail, whereas the middle of the ski (under the bindings) is slightly raised (this is the camber). The longer and higher the camber, the greater the edge grip and more responsive the ski. The lower the camber, the more forgiving the ski and the better the handling it has.


The XLD 500 RT has a medium camber – good compromise between handling and edge grip.

What is rocker?

On a "rocker" ski, the tip – and, sometimes, the tail – comes off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski without a rocker. This shifts the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is smaller: this makes the ski easier to handle and more buoyant on soft snow. When taking corners, the edge length offers more edge grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the more manageable your ski.


The XLD 500 RT has a front and rear rocker (tip and tail), which provides good handling and makes it easy to turn on all types of snow.
On groomed slopes, this small rocker makes it very easy to effortlessly turn the skis.

What are ski sidecuts?

The sidecuts have 3 sides, the width of the tip (front of ski), the waist (middle of ski) and the tail (back of ski). The wider the tip, the easier it is to enter turns. The slimmer the waist, the more grippy the ski is on hard snow. The wider the waist, the more comfortable and stable the ski is in changing snow conditions. The wider the tail, the more involved the ski is in turns. The slimmer the tail, the easier it slides.


122/78/111 in size 166 cm,
Sidecut radius of 15.4 metres in size 166 cm.


Ski alone = 1420g (size 166cm).
Ski with a Tyrolia Ambition 12 binding = 2510 g in size 166 cm.

Size of the bindings

Adjustable from 260 to 340mm

Our advice website
On this website, you will find information and advice to help you go cross-country skiing: how to attach your skis to your rucksack, how to attach your skins to your skis, etc
You will also fins a detailed list of cross-country routes in French ski resorts.

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How has this product been built

Composition / advice

45.00% Wood, 10.00% Steel, 05.00% Polyéthylène (PE), 20.00% Polyamide, 20.00% Glass - Fiber (FG)
Stock advice Dry the skins after each outing. To avoid rusting on the ski edges, dry the edges and base after use, before storage.

Our commitments

Test Product This ski was tested by the Decathlon cross-country skiing team and by independent testers under real-life conditions.
Guarantee : 2 years

Product benefits

Versatility Ski on groomed slopes every day and discover cross-country skiing in resorts.
Lightweight 1 ski with an Ambition 12 binding = 2510 g in size 166 cm.
Ease of handling Front and rear rocker for initiating turns more easily
Stability Average camber providing good stability at average speed on all types of snow.
Traction The straight sidewalls spread the pressure along the entire length of the ski
Ease of use Available as a pack with bindings and skins cut to the length of the ski

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