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Roof Tent

With the help of Decathlon's roof rents, experience the thrill of outdoor activities. Our roof tents are specially created to provide comfort and convenience, and they turn your car into a mobile sanctuary for the perfect road vacation. These car tents are a great option for those who enjoy travelling and are carefully made to fit a range of vehicles available on the UK market.

For impromptu travellers, the car roof tent is revolutionary. It creates a novel environment for sleeping and resting by fusing the portability of a car with the comfort of a conventional tent. The roof tents quickly and easily attach to your car, creating a safe and cosy sleeping environment in no time. 

For more easy transportation, check out the Decathlon car bike rackandcamping trolley

Our roof tents are all made to the highest standards, guaranteeing their sturdiness and lifespan. You can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your car roof tent thanks to the great view of the surrounding area provided by our vehicle tents.

Decathlon's variety of roof tents has something for everyone, from casual campers to die-hard adventurers, and includes the highly coveted Tentbox. Whatever your preferred camping style, we are certain to have the roof top tent for you.

Car Tents UK

Make camping more memorable with Decathlon's roof tents UK. Experience camping at a higher level that blends comfort, convenience, and enjoyment; our range of tent spares and accessoriesandcamping showers and toilet tents will get you there.

From the comfort of your car, travel the open road and spend the night under the stars.