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Blackout Tents

Ready for an adventure at a music festival or amidst the tranquility of nature? Decathlon brings you a superb selection of blackout tents for two, perfect for solo travelers seeking extra comfort. Our two-person blackout tents are not just a place to sleep; they're an oasis of darkness and coolness, thanks to the innovative Fresh&Black technology. These tents are lightweight and versatile, ideal for campsites, backpacking, or solo wild camping. Just attach your blackout tent to your backpack, and you're all set for a peaceful night, insulated from early morning light.

While these tents are designed for two, their snug fit makes them especially suitable for solo campers, allowing ample room for your gear and a spacious sleeping area. If you’re planning a trip with a companion, consider opting for a slightly larger tent to ensure everyone has enough space.

Choose from a variety of tent styles, including traditional poled tents and convenient pop-up models that set up in minutes. Brands like Quechua, Forclaz, and Terra-Nova offer top-quality options. The pop-up blackout tents are particularly handy, ready for use in just a couple of minutes. For those who love cycling trips, don’t forget to pack comfortable cycling shoes from Decathlon, offering both pedal efficiency and walking comfort.

Ensure a seamless camping experience by preparing well. Stock up on camping gas bottles and canisters for your stove, ensuring you can cook delicious meals without any hassle. And for comfort during your outdoor stay, consider our range of camping chairs and camp beds. These essentials keep you off the ground and comfortable, whether you're dining under the stars or getting a good night’s sleep.