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Quechua 8 Man Tents

If you’re looking for a cost-effective summer holiday, camping is a great option to get away with the whole family. Our range of 8-man tents will suit a large family or even two smaller families at a fraction of the cost of everyone staying at a hotel. Our large tents from 8-man tents from Quechua provide several sleeping areas and plenty of space for you to store all your camping gear. Having plenty of space is important when you’re holidaying with a large family, and an 8 person tent makes an ideal home away from home. The kids will have plenty of space to play inside on a rainy day, while adults can enjoy their own bedroom to relax in at night.

Choose from a traditional-style poled tent or an air tent to suit your needs. Inflatable tents are quick and easy to pitch, which is a huge advantage when having such a large tent. Poled tents take a little more time to set up, but they weigh considerably less, making them a good option if you need to carry the tent anywhere.

Many of our Quechua tents feature our innovative Fresh&Black technology. This technology keeps the inside of your tent cooler on warm days and block out some of the harsh sunlight in the bedroom areas to help you, especially the younger members of the family, sleep a little longer in the morning.

While our 8 and 10 man tents are the largest tents we stock at Decathlon, they aren’t just for large families and groups. Some families like to have a bigger tent, such as our 8 person tent, to add extra space to their camping set-up to store their camping gear or just to have more room. So, whether you're taking all the kids away with you, on holiday with your extended family, or you and one and two other couples heading away on an extended camping trip, our large tents will accommodate all your needs and more.

If you’re planning on a camping trip this summer, make sure you can enjoy your camping experience to the max with a comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are designed for the warmer months and will maintain a good temperature throughout the night. So even when it’s warm outside, you can remain cool and cosy in your sleeping bag.

While a camping trip is a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, chances are you’ll still want to take some of your devices with you. Whether it’s your mobile phone so you can stay connected to the outside world or the kids’ tablets to keep them entertained on wet days. In that case, make sure you pack one of Decathlon’s portable chargers in your camping kit. You’ll find portable chargers for all your camping needs, whether you need to charge your USB devices, headphones or even an electric bike or scooter.

Heading to a campsite with a great surf beach nearby, why not treat yourself to a new surfboard for your trip? At Decathlon, you’ll find a great range of surfboards from brands like Olaian, Surfsystem, Rigo and Side On that in a variety of styles and designs that are perfect for all surfers, from beginner to pro.

If you’re taking the kids away on a family camping holiday, make sure they can enjoy it to the max with our range of kids’ camping chairs. Lightweight and study, Decathlon’s kids’ camping chairs are perfect for younger campers and ensure they always have somewhere comfortable to sit.