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A watch with barometer, thermometer and altimeter

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CASIO SGW 1000 2BER Men's Barometer and Altimeter Watch - Black

Designed for sports persons who would like a watch with barometer, thermometer and altimeter, compass and total altitude Great automatic LED functions, to light up the watch face using the light-emitting diodes, simply slightly turn your wrist.
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Reference : 8361575
Parameter measurement - Barometer (260/1.100 hPa)
- Thermometer (-10°C/+60°C)
- Altimeter 10000 m
Waterproof Up to 100 metres
Optimum temperature This watch is able to withstand temperatures of up to -10 °C.
Visual efficiency Automatic LED light
Technical features (1/2)

- Barometer (260/1.100 hPa): A special sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (range: 260/1100 hPa) and displays it on face as a symbol. It gives you real-time weather trends.-Thermometer (-10°C/+60°C): A sensor measures the air temperature and displays it in degrees celsius (-10°C /+60°C).
- Altimeter 10000 m: A pressure sensor detects the variations in atmospheric pressure and converts the result into altitude, up to 10,000 m

Technical features (2/2)

- Sunrise and sunset: subsequent to entering the geographic position, it is possible to display sunrise and sunset time on any given date.
- Compass: a built-in directional compass identifies the magnetic north.
- Total altitude: the Total Altitude function adds up all the metres covered whilst climbing. In a blink of an eye, you can find out the total difference in height whilst walking.

Time and countdown

Universal time function: displays the time in 29 time zones and in the main cities of the world.

Stopwatch function - 1/10 sec - 1000 h: upon simply pressing a button, it accurately provides the time past. The number provides the unit of measure as well as the maximum time which can be entered into the stopwatch.

Countdown - 1/1 sec - 24 hours: countdowns remind you of important or recurring events by emitting an acoustic signal at the set date and time

Physical features

- Resin box- Resin strap: with its extreme durability and its flexibility, synthetic resin is the ideal material for watch straps.
- Dimensions: approx. 54.7 mm x 54.1 mm x 15.3 mm (H x L x D)
Weight: approx. 53 g
- Battery type: CR1616


- Daily alarm: goes off every day at the set time. The value indicates the number of daily alarms available.
- Snooze function: every time you stop the alarm, it goes off again a few minutes later.
- Start/Stop keyboard beep: Keyboard beep sounds can be disabled with the mode key.

Guarantee : 2 Years