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WEDZE Women's On/off-piste Snowboard Bindings, Serenity 100 - purple

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Designed for beginners to experienced snowboarders seeking the support of a traditional binding. This traditional snowboard binding offers very good support thanks to its 3D strap. The cap strap on the toes makes it more comfortable, and it reacts well because of its rigid highback.
  • Good support even at high speeds
  • Well cushioned for comfort
  • Quick to get on and off


Fit Good foot support at high speed on blue-black runs.
Fast acting Turn Strap: 180° strap opening. Unhindered, quick foot entry.
Adjustable Front/rear highback, adjustable straps
Cushioning EVA foam at the toes and heels.
Anatomic design M: 36 to 41,
L: 8 to 11.5.
Stability Traditional tightening: pump to provide desired level of support. No limit.
Capacity Pair of bindings + 2 discs + 8 x 16 mm screws compatible with discs + 8 washers
Compatibility For use with boards with regular inserts only (not 3D or Chanel Burton).



The Serenity 100 binding is a traditional snowboard binding for going anywhere: on groomed slopes, off-piste and even in snow parks its short, stiff highback provides good rear support for backside tricks as well as ankle mobility during spins.

Opening mechanism

Turn Strap System: the strap is mounted onto a hinge, which allows it to turn inwards when you lift your foot. This frees up the entry space, making it easy for you to insert your boot into the binding. This also helps prevent the boot from crushing the strap and hooks.

Possible adjustments

The Serenity 100 bindings allow you to carefully centre your feet on the board thanks
_ to the 5 possible positions for the screws on the disc: 20mm of adjustment between the minimum and maximum positions
_ switching the spoiler from front to back: an extra 7mm adjustment.
The aim is for the boot to hang over the board as much at the toe as the heel.
_ Then the straps can be adjusted to the boot using the pre-drilled positions on the plastic parts.

What is the stance on the snowboard?

The stance is the distance between the 2 bindings in cm.
You can adjust the stance, depending on your body shape, but all snowboards come with a recommended bindings set up (recommended stance, indicated by a marker between binding inserts).
If you feel that you need to move your feet further apart or closer together, try it out to see if it is actually any better.

How do I change my stance width?

For on-piste/off-piste boards, if you want to position your feet closer together it is best to move only the front binding further back, and if you want to move your feet further apart it is best to move only the rear binding further back. The aim is to be a little further back so you can carve great turns on groomed slopes and float more in powder snow.
For freestyle boards (symmetrical), it is best to move the 2 bindings to remain centred on the board.

At what angles should I set my snowboard bindings?

For freeriding on groomed slopes, we recommend an angle of +18° at the front and 0° at the rear. For versatile-freestyle use, opt for + 18 ° and -6 °. An open back foot position provides more flexibility when riding switch.
For freestyle riding, we recommend choosing completely symmetrical angles, for example + 15° and -15°.
Binding angles are very much a matter of personal choice. Feel free to check out what others are doing and try out different options. You may be pleasantly surprised!

What size bindings should I get for my snowboard?

For the Serenity 100 bindings, we recommend: M = 3 to 7/L = 8 to 12.
But just as you use your own foot when trying on shoes, we strongly recommend that you try the bindings with your own snowboard boots, as the same size boot can have a different volume depending on the brand.


M: 1.71 kg
L: 1.87 kg

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100.00% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6)
50.00% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), 50.00% Steel
Stock advice Before every outing, tighten all binding screws. Storing for the summer: if you wish, you can leave your bindings on the snowboard.
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. You may exceed the technical capacities of this product if you use it for any other purpose. We strongly advise you to wear a helmet, back protector and protective shorts to ensure you fully enjoy your experience.


Guarantee : 2 Years