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FORCLAZ Stable Separate Trekking Gas Stove with Piezo Trek 500

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Designed and developed in the French Alps, this light, stable stove lets you prepare your meals quickly and safely. Built-in piezo lighting! Screw-in stove, separate for improved stability and comfort, powerful and easy to use, it will easily find its place in your backpack. Built-in wind guard on the burner.

Technical Information

Weight and dimensions

Stove weight: 170 g
Weight of the cover: 15 g
Dimensions: Ø 18 x H 11 cm.
Folded dimensions: L 11 x H 11 cm.
Weights, volumes & dimensions may vary slightly due to production tolerances.

Ease of use

Pot stand on 3 legs, perfectly adapted to Forclaz Trek 500 stainless steel pans (Ø 13.5 cm).
Flexible metal hose 31 cm long for easy remote positioning of the cartridge and simple ignition.
Place the stove on a flat, unobstructed surface. Screw the end of the cable onto the cartridge and install it connected away from the stove. Open the flow control valve, operate the piezo (several times if necessary). Your stove is lit.

Heating time

Our internal tests give us values that reflect more the actual conditions of use. In fact, we tested our stoves with Trek 500 stainless-steel pans, filled with a litre of water.
Result: 2500 watts. Consumption: 181g/hr. Heating time : 3 min 23.
The results and performance of different stoves must be analysed in a comparable way (same conditions and parameters).

Heating time (cont)

The heating time of a stove is subject to a mandatory standardised process for EU certification but does not necessarily reflect the actual conditions of use.
EN521 standard parameters (heating rate):
Propane gas at 3 bar pressure, without container.
Results: 4.1kW / 292.5g/hr


Our teams care about the environment, so this product has been subject to an eco-design approach that consists of removing surface treatments that only have an aesthetic function. As such, we have removed the paints and anodising on all the parts (feet & pan support, burner, gas flow control etc) of this stove, while still ensuring its performance, technical features and durability.

Eco-design (cont)

These actions help limit the environmental impact of your product.


0.17 kg
Total weight

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Composition / advice

Main part
100.00% Stainless Steel
Complementary parts
100.00% Aluminium
Carry bag
100.00% Polyethylene
Care instructions: Hand wash.
Washing instructions
Hand wash
Hand wash
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry-clean
Stock advice Avoid contact with moisture. Do not leave out in the rain. After use or cleaning, store your stove in a dry place, taking care to unscrew the cartridge.
Restricted use : Only use outdoors. Sold without cartridge.

Our commitments

This stove has been tested and validated in the field in real conditions. It was used for 5 weeks by several people who spent 2 weeks trekking in the Canary Islands, followed by 3 weeks on the GR10 trails in the Pyrenees, then another 4 weeks in Scotland by another team of testers.
Guarantee : 10 Years

Product benefits

Power 2500 watts.
Boiling time for 1 litre of water: 3 min 23.
Autonomy 182g/hr or 1 hr 15 with a 230g Decathlon screw cartridge.
Compatibility Screw cartridges (eg: Decathlon 100, 230 & 450 g) Standard EN417. Butane/propane
Ease of use Weight 170 g
Built-in piezo.
Compact folding. Transport case included.
Stability Remote cartridge that lowers the stove’s centre of gravity. Improved safety.
Eco-design This stove has been the subject of an eco-design approach.
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