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What is Second Life?

Second Life is a new initiative from Decathlon UK.

All Second Life products have been bought via our website and returned for one reason or another. They may have been quickly tested or used by our customers and have small, superficial scratches, which means we can’t sell them - but they’re still in great working order.

At Decathlon we’re dedicated to sustainability and see no reason why these items can’t still be enjoyed by you and your family, so we want to offer them to you at discounted prices. This means we’re also fulfilling our purpose of sustainably making the joy and benefits of sports accessible to everyone, no matter your budget.

Let’s protect the planet

Too much is thrown away these days, instead of repaired or reused.

We’ve made it our business to give returned or lightly marked sports equipment a second chance.
Just think of all the fun that can still be had...

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What is a
Second Life product?

Second Life products come from various areas of our business. They might have been purchased by a customer and returned, used by our designers as testers or showcased in-store. They still work but often they can’t be sold due to minor defects such as scratches, stains or minor damage to the packaging. We check and repair these things so they can be sold on our website and in our stores as Second Life products.

When you purchase a Second Life product, you’re not only getting a great piece of sports kit or equipment at a bargain price, you’re also doing your bit to make a dent in the millions of kilos of materials sent to landfill every year.

Rest assured that all Second Life products are checked over by our team of specialists before we sell them to you. If they find a problem, such as worn brake pads, the product will be repaired, so it’s in full working order again.

Second Life products are subject to the same exchange terms as anything new you buy from Decathlon. This means that an exchange is possible within 30 days, even if you’ve used the product.

Because we treat exchanged Second Life products as new goods, your legal warranty rights and 14-day right of revocation for online orders remain fully intact.

Available online at and in stores across the country

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