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Our team created these running glasses to protect the eyes of runners from external elements and prevent glare from the sun. Ideal for trail running with flexible, sturdy frame and exceptional grip of the bridge/arms. Perfect vision in all conditions with anti-fog technology and photochromic treatment.

Technical Information

LENSES of Kalenji running glasses

100% ANTI UV Filter
Category 1-3 photochromatic lenses: filters between 15% and 55% of the light at 23°C.
These lenses are particularly useful for long runs in variable weather conditions.
ISO 12312-1 Standard.
Made from: shock-resistant polycarbonate.
Anti-fog treatment on lenses
Geometry: spherical shape - Base 8

PHOTOCHROMIC TECHNOLOGY of Kalenji running glasses

The lenses are activated by UV (utraviolet) rays and deactivated when UV rays are reduced. The lenses need time to adapt to this technology (activation/deactivation) and this adaptation period varies according the outside temperature.
Activation = 30 seconds (whatever the temperature).
Deactivation = 1 min (above 20°C) to several minutes (under 10°C).
In cold weather the deactivation time is longer.

How does the anti-fogging treatment of the Kalenji running glasses work?

The coating absorbs condensation like a sponge. When moisture is about to appear on the surface, it is absorbed by the coating and does not affect vision. Once water has evaporated from the coating through ventilation, the coating returns to its initial condition ready to absorb moisture again. This is a permanent feature, meaning that the coating will maintain its anti-fogging properties after several months of use and cleaning.

FRAME of Kalenji running glasses

Frame material: polyamide + rubber
Nose pads made from: rubber
Arms made from: polyamide + rubber
Size: suitable for all types of faces (slim to wide).
Exceptional grip on the arms

How to choose the lens tint (category) of Kalenji running glasses

There are several categories of running glasses.
The RUNPERF PHOTOC are category 1-3 (photochromatic).
Photochromism: capacity to change tint according to brightness.
The lens automatically adjusts to light intensity; the tint transition is smooth and not noticeable to the eye.
The more the light intensity increases, the more the lens shades (activates) and the more it diminishes, the more the lens clears (deactivates).

How to clean your Kalenji running glasses

Running glasses, like eyeglasses, should be carefully cleaned with suitable products to avoid scratching the lenses and blurry vision caused by dirt. Find out how to clean your glasses properly by taking the right steps!

CASE for Kalenji running glasses

Made from: polyester
Zip fastening system
Running glasses are fragile objects. A scratch or impact can render your sports glasses unuseable. One solution: use your glasses case to keep them protected day-to-day!

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Composition / advice

40.00% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), 60.00% Polyamide 12 (PA12)
100.00% Polycarbonate (PC)
Care instructions: Do not dry clean. Clean your glasses with suitable accessories : microfiber or spray cleaner (range ORAO accessories).. Avoid paper towels, containing silicone , paper tissues may scratch your glasses . As well as household cleaners , disinfectants , acetone, which could damage your lenses and treatments.. If there are projections of your glasses , never wipe dry : pass them firstly in under water.. To clean with a wet cloth.
Stock advice The quality of your vision will depend on how well you care for your glasses. Don't forget the case! Storing your glasses in their case will prevent them from being scratched, banged or crushed.
Restricted use : Glasses not suitable for directly looking at the sun.

Our commitments

These sunglasses meet ISO 12312-1 standards. The EN166 standard requires the lenses to remain fog free for 8 seconds; our new treatment remains fog free for over 24 seconds.
Test Product All our sports glasses are tested in our DECATHLON laboratories and under the real-life conditions for which they were designed. The development teams, product managers, engineers and designers work to ensure that our sports glasses are ideally suited to their use in the field.
Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Sun protection Category 1-3 photochromatic lenses - 100% anti-UV filter: react to ambient light
Anti-fogging Ventilated lens: prevents glasses from steaming up
Perm anti-fog treated lens
Stability Grip on bridge of the nose and arms prevent glasses from sliding/jumping off
Coverage Wrap-around shape: protects the eyes from the wind, dust and weather conditions.
Lightweight Lightweight running glasses: 30.6 g.
Field of vision Large lenses: provide better peripheral vision.
Ventilation The shape of the ventilated nose bridge increases venting.
Durability Lenses made of high-resistance polycarbonate plastic.
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