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Stability enhanced by excellent cushioning

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Designed for women who run for up to one hour, between one and three times a week, on roads. As a result of the stability, which is enhanced by excellent cushioning, and the improved comfort, the Elioprime running shoes are the ideal option for taking full advantage of your running outings!

Colour : Fluo deep magenta

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Why choose a running shoe?

When you run, the shock wave generated by each impact with the ground corresponds to approximately 3 times your weight. This wave runs from the heel to the top of the spinal column. Your joints act as shock absorbers but are also severely put to the test. Choosing a good pair of running shoes is therefore essential for absorbing shocks and dispersing vibrations.

K-Ring cushioning

K-Ring: The K-Ring is an exclusive Kalenji concept for rear cushioning in the heels.It is effective due to these 3 features: made with foam for shock absorption, circular in shape for optimal deformation, and a hole in the centre for heel protection.

Improved stability

A plastic part positioned in the middle of the foot to avoid your foot sagging as you run.


255g in size 5.5.


From 3 to 8


The height difference between the back and front of the sole is 10mm.

Upkeep tips

Do not machine wash your shoes, as this can damage their physical properties, leading to detachment, shrinkage or tearing of the mesh at the top of the foot.
We therefore recommend that, when they are very dirty (muddy), you wash them with soapy water and a little synthetic brush. Above all, do not use bleach! Rinse with fresh water.
When drying your shoes, keep them away from any heat source.

Test Product The shoe has undergone laboratory tests, field tests for use under protocol, and long term tests in order to provide you with a reliable, approved and tested product.
Guarantee : 2 Years