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OFFLOAD R500 Kids' Rugby Tackle Bag

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Our team of passionate rugby enthusiasts created this tackle bag for club training sessions. Help your teams improve every week! Pick up the pace of your rugby training sessions! Made with a durable cover and dense foam, this tackle bag is sturdy, durable and affordable, ensuring it will last over the long term.


Impact protection Don't hold back in training; let this bag absorb the intensity of your tackles.
Abrasion resistance This bag withstands friction when carried thanks to reinforced seams.
Easy transport Side and vertical handles make the bag easier to carry.
Impact protection Made with a special foam & cover designed to withstand the impact of tackles.
Perspiration resistance Made with water-resistant foam to make it longer lasting.


A tackle bag designed for daily use at your club.

A tackle bag or dummy is one of the basic pieces of equipment used in rugby training. This is why we wanted to provide you with one that is sturdy and durable.
Sturdy: designed to absorb the impact of a 120 kg force at 10 km/h.
Durable: this bag is designed to withstand over 45,000 hits. This allows it to last for at least 4 years of club use, for all your player levels.

How to help your rugby tackle bag last longer

Rugby tackle bags or dummies are rudely put to the test during training sessions. So here are a few care tips that will help you ensure your bag lasts longer.
After training, rinse off the plastic cover.
To preserve the seams, we recommend carrying the bag instead of dragging it along the ground. Plus, that adds a little cardio to the end of your training session.
We recommend that you store in it a dry place to keep it from absorbing humidity.

We are proud to introduce the Offload rugby tackle bag.

This tackle bag's plastic cover has handles placed vertically along the length of the bag, plus a horizontal handle at each end. For your added convenience, we chose a rip-tab fastener instead of a zip.
The inner cylinder is made of blocks of foam assembled together to reduce waste, provide better value-for-money, and more realistic sensations.
As for dimensions, this tackle bag is 120 cm tall, has a 33 cm diameter, and weighs 4 kg.

The story of this tackle bag.

Offload's DNA is to provide you with products that are both reliable and durable. For this tackle bag, we started by looking for the right foam that would meet our expectations.
Next came a 3-person design team, lab tests, and discussions with the Marcq en Baroeul (Federale 2) rugby club, to design a product that was sturdy, durable, and affordable.
As William, our product head, put it: "We worked hard to make sure it stands the test of time."

Complementary product.

This rugby tackle bag can be used for the standard tackling exercise: tackle, pick up the bag, set in place, and repeat.
But to set up various combination scenarios and replicate game-play conditions, you'll want the other classic piece for training sessions, which is the tackle wedge.
For example, propping up in a ruck: after tackling the bag, you start up and push the tackle wedge to replicate the movements of winning a ruck.

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Guarantee : 2 Years