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With a digital console (wired) on the handlebar.

Reference : 8369373

Qubo Digital Wired Turbo Trainer

Designed for indoor cycling. Magnetic braking, 1090 Watts and 8 levels of resistance. Its wide, easy-to-read console means you can see all of your data during training (speed, power, slope, etc.)

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available

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"Qubo" frame

Thanks to its exclusive compass system, the frame lets you accurately simulate the behaviour of the road (weight / power). Its two steel stands make it particularly stable.

Sequential 8-level control lever

The new eight-level resistance system gives you a broad range of power options so that you can do any kind of training, from flexibility training (level 1) to power exercises at a slow speed (higher levels).New design: the unit's compact, aggressive design optimises the resistance variation mechanisms by offering 8 precise levels that can be replicated and selected very easily.

Transmission of digital data by cable

The resistance unit contains a sensor that transmits all of the training session data via a cable to the console on the handlebar.

Digital console

The large easy-to-read console lets you see all of your training data such as speed (current, maximum, average, total average), power (current, maximum, average, total average), heart rate (current, maximum, average, total average), gradient, distance, vertical climb, distance, time, stopwatch, and the resistance level selected.

Heart rate monitor belt

The console's receiver is compatible with all non-encoded heart rate monitor belts and most encoded ones operating at a frequency of 5 kHz.

Compatibility with My E-Training

Adding a few accessories to the roller makes it compatible with My E-Training, the new app developed by Elite that lets you view and manage your power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance training data on your Apple smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

Compatible with Misuro B+

The system is compatible with the Misuro B+ sensor made by Elite, sold separately (item 8377089). This sensor is easy to mount onto the resistance unit and wirelessly transmits data on speed and cadence via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart protocols.

Elastogel roller

Reduces noise by 50%, reduces tyre wear by 20% and increases grip.

Protection tips

When training indoors, perspiration often drips onto the bike or floor.
We recommend using the following equipment:
1- A sweat guard to stop perspiration (which is acidic) dripping onto your bike and damaging its frame. (item 8056757

2. A home trainer mat to reduce noise, provide stability as well as protect from perspiration. (item 8369937)

Tyre tips

Whether you do road or mountain bike training on the home trainer, we highly recommend using a tyre specially designed for use on home trainers.
1. Longer lifespan thanks to a reinforced structure and harder rubber.
2. Reduces tyre rolling noise.

Stability tips

When cycling on a home trainer, the rear wheel of your bike is stabilised and slightly raised.
For greater stability, you should also use a front wheel riser block.
1. Stabilises the front wheel.
2. Raises the front wheel so that the bike is perfectly level.

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Guarantee : 2 Years