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Fusion of comfort and performance.

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Pure Pro 80 Women's

Designed for good skiers looking for accurate boots. The Pure Pro 80 brings together all the little details you have been missing out on. Primarily, performance with flex of 80. Followed by comfort, with the Merino wool lining.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available


Buckle adjustment

The 4 micrometric buckles attached to the strap enable adjustment of the boot to fit the foot, providing greater accuracy.


Straight fit for maximum performance. The Pure Pro liner is lower to account for differences at the calf level. The liner is cut away for a more comfortable fit. The padding at the top of the liner is very flexible in order to eliminate any discomfort around the calf. The lining is made of very soft and very comfortable material.

What is flex?

To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure determines the rigidity of the boot: the higher the figure, the stiffer the shell. A flex of 60 to is suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers. A flex level of 65 to 75 is intended for advanced skiers. Upwards of this, products are intended for experts. The large sizes can be increased by one level.

How do you try on ski boots?

Once your foot is in the boot, you need to fasten the buckles up half-way. What if I can tighten them further? This means that the shoe size is incorrect. Once your shoes are on, flex 3 times firmly resting on the tibia (place hands on knees ) so the heel goes into the shoe. Stand up straight: you should be able to feel the end of the outer shell. When flexing, your foot should slide back and you should no longer the edge.

How do I easily put on ski boots?

Pull the tongue towards the front and outside of feet: this opens out the sheel and faciliatates putting on/getting off.

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Stock advice Allow boots to dry before storing them. Ideally, you should store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag and a in warm room.
Restricted use : Do not dry on a radiator.


Guarantee : 2 Years