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We designed this pop-up hide to allow enthusiasts to hunt small migratory game and quickly adapt to most environments. Need a hide you can set up and fold down easily in seconds? That's also easy to transport? This model is made for you: Adjustable and easy to handle, it adapts to different terrain.

Technical Information

This hide is ideal for fast installation for hunting small migratory birds (thrush, wood pigeons, etc.)

Imagine: you're heading out to hunt thrush or wood pigeon and you need good camouflage to keep you out of sight of these migratory birds. But you don't want to waste time making a hide by hand. What do you do? Bring along this pop-up hide, which you can set up anywhere (at the edge of the wood, in a field, etc.). In just a few seconds you're set up and ready to shoot your first "musicians" or wood pigeons.

A lightweight, easy to transport accessory for hassle-free hunting

That said, it is often necessary to walk for several minutes while carrying your hide to get to your hunting spot. With this compact, foldable and lightweight model (the frame and components are made of aluminium), transport is no longer a hassle: it's study strap makes it easy and comfortable to carry on your shoulder. What's more, using the 3 buckles on the top, the middle and the bottom of the bag, you can easily attach a seat. This makes it a 2-in-1 hide. Clever!

An easy-to-handle hide you can set up and fold down in just a few seconds

As well as being lightweight (just 2.10kg), this hide sets up very quickly and easily. It's ease of use (set-up/fold down) is one of its main features. Once out of the bag, unfold the 2 feet so the hide makes a triangle. Then link the two aluminium bars together by inserting the right piece into the sliding orange handle. Next pull the right and left tubes as far up as possible (you'll hear a click).

Moving the already-set-up hide? Nothing could be easier!

Next adjust the 2 back feet to the terrain and desired height. In the event of strong winds, the 3 included pegs fix the hide to the ground for improved stability. Just like that, in less than 30 seconds, the hide is set up. Just work these steps backwards to fold it down. Note that the easy to grab orange handle is there to allow you to carry the hide a few meters to position yourself right in the birds' corridor.

A camouflage hide designed keep the hunter out of sight from small migratory game

This practical hunting hide is the most advanced in our range. Especially useful for pass-shooting birds, it has realistic 3D camouflage depicting branches, trees and leaves of various colours. This means you blend right into the environment and vegetation. What's more, and for even more practicality, several laser cutaways allow the wind to circulate; :this is done to imitate the natural movement of leaves.

Bonus feature of this pop-up hunting hide

For example, when pass-shooting thrush in a corridor, several rounds may be shot. Our engineers had this in mind when they designed the carry case to hold both new and spent cartridges. As shown in the product video, the case clips onto the frame: both of these weight-resistant compartments can even hold full boxes of ammunition.

Some additional technical details

Size of the hide when folded:
-in height: 113cm
Size of the hide folded down:
-in height: 172cm
-ground footprint: 120cm
-width at top: 160cm
In addition to a paper user guide inside, a set-up/fold down guide is printed on the hide's carry case. All that's left is for you to pick yourself up one of these pop-up hides.

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Composition / advice

100.00% Aluminium
Main fabric
100.00% Polyester (PES)

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Fast acting Hide takes seconds to set up and fold down.
Adjustable 3 feet (including 2 adjustable) allow you to adapt to the terrain.
Lightweight Very easy to handle and transport aluminium frame. Just 2.10kg.
Versatility 2-in-1 carry case that also holds your ammunition when hunting.
Stability 3 pegs provide even more stability in wind if necessary.
Camouflage Realistic camouflage, with 3D cutaways that allow wind to circulate.
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