XTREM-5 300 Carp Fishing Rod


Our engineers developed this rod for the carp angler who wants to practice stalking by boat, or to make it more compact in a quick session

The power and durability of the rod allow you to master good fish in snag-filled areas


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Product benefits

Rod action

The semi-parabolic action provides medium flexibility for easier casting


2.75 lbs test curve lets you cast up to 95 g to around a hundred metres


60% fibreglass- 40% carbon for landing average sized fish

Easy transport

Ideal for fishing situations where compact transport length is important

Technical information


Length 10 ft (3 m). Lengths of carp rods at 9 and 10 FEET are used for carp fishing, roaming fishing, or to make it more compact in a quick session.

The dismantled length of the rod is 1.55 m

WEIGHT 300 gr

REEL HOLDER: The metal reel holder is fixed. Reels are secured on the rod by a screw locking ring


The flexibility of semi-parabolic action rods such as the Extrem 5 300 makes for easier casting. Good compromise between flexibility (playing the fish) and achievable casting distance.
The semi-parabolic action lets the rod bend more in the middle


SEAGUIDE rings 30 mm, 25 mm, 20 mm,16 mm, 12 mm and 12 mm. Fuji rings have the particularity of being lightweight and braid resistant. You can use braid on your reels with no fear of damaging your rings. This is a prime criterion of choice if you use braid regularly.

The rings are attached via three legs. These 3-leg guides are stronger for greater resistance to heavy duty casting.


Inverted press-fit: the lower (bigger) section has a slimmer cylindrical piece added to the upper end. This spigot press-fits into the end of the upper section. The spigot joint improves the through action of the rod.

Caution: Before casting, check that the joints are properly assembled. A badly inserted spigot is the main cause of rod breakage.


The test curve of your rod is a gauge of two different but complementary characteristics:
- The ability to resist a tension force similar to wrestling with a fish.
-The rod's ability to cast a weight over a certain distance.

The 2.75 lbs test curve will enable you to cast up to 95 g beyond 100m and master big fish with ease.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Structure 60% Glass - Fiber, 40% Carbon Fiber


Before storing your rod, make sure it is not wet.
To increase the life of your fishing poles remember to remove the lead sinkers before storing in the sleeve

User Directions

Do not use near electrical sources or in a thunderstorm.


In order to offer you highly technical and reliable fishing rods, our design teams test the equipment in the laboratory. They also test in the field under extreme conditions. Each element is selected to obtain a product that perfectly matches the technical requirements reported by our panel of testers.

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