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Women's Tall Wellies - Brown


Women's wellies for bird-watching and other outdoor activities.

These hardwearing and comfortable boots have a 4mm foam insole for comfort, and the reinforced back holds the ankle in place when walking. The side gusset also makes them easy to put on/take off.

Color: Deep shale / Deep shale / Cardinal pink
Size: size guide


Product benefits

Resistant to wild vegetation

Resistant to wild vegetation

Rubber component and assembly are designed to resist vegetation.

Anatomic design

Anatomic design

Adjustable side gusset allows you to easily adjust the boot to your calf.



The reinforced back holds the ankle in place through any motion.

User comfort

User comfort

4mm thick polyurethane foam insole.



Grooved sole with 5mm lugs for grip.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Back boot puller for quick and easy removal.

Technical information

A hardwearing model designed to last

Our women's hunting wellies 500 have a multi-layer natural rubber upper that resists scuffing and perforation in rough vegetation, a reinforced instep, and a 100% rubber outsole. With this model you can walk in the forest or over rough ground without problems, and you can hunt easily while moving about in dense and aggressive vegetation composed of brambles, gorse and thorny bushes.

Wellies created with the help of many female hunters

Some 800 female hunters from all over the country collaborated to develop Solognac's women's range. Following several work meetings and "round tables", around 30 of them contributed to the development of this model. The guiding principle? The ergonomic design of the boot needed to be specially suited to the shape of a woman's calf, ankle and instep for comfort on all types of terrain.

Anatomic design: an essential that was a key focus for these women's hunting wellies

These boots keep your feet protected, leaving you free to pursue your passion. This model, specially created for female hunters, has an adjustable side gusset designed to fit the shape of your calves. This gusset also makes it easier to get the boots on and off: the quick-adjust system is simple and easy to use.

Boots that are comfortable and easy to wear. Excellent, right?

These boots perfectly form to the shape of your foot for more stability. They are as comfortable as slippers and the reinforced back holds your ankle in place at all times. This model also features 5mm lugs for optimal grip and mud removal while walking. Note that the space between the lugs, their orientation and their placement make for better foot motion and easy cleaning.

To make sure your boots last and stay flexible, follow our maintenance advice

We know you can't wait to try out our boots. To keep them in good condition, clean after each use with water and/or pH-neutral soap (avoid using hard brushes or abrasive sponges). Then wipe them with a cloth or leave them to dry in a well-ventilated place away from heat sources. Store upright and not folded to avoid the rubber wearing down or cracking at folds.

How to protect your boots

To protect your rubber boots all year round, we recommend using a silicone-based spray on the upper (boot restorer spray available on the website) a few times a year. The silicone creates a protective layer between the outside and the rubber, making it is possible to extend the lifespan of the product. Store boots upright, away from humidity, preferably in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Did you know?

Thanks to the polyurethane foam in this boot, sweat from your feet is absorbed easily. So, you can continue to hunt and walk for longer, while enjoying optimum comfort.

Additional information by size: weight per pair, total height and internal height of the boots

36: 1.6kg; (total height: 38.5cm; inside: 35cm)
UK 4 (EU 37): 1.65kg; (total height: 39cm; inside: 35.5cm)
UK 5 (EU 38): 1.7kg; (total height: 39.5cm; inside: 36cm)
UK 5½ (EU 39): 1.75kg; (total height. : 40cm; int. : 36.5cm)
UK 6½ (EU 40): 1.80kg; (total height: 40.5cm; inside: 37cm)
UK 7 (EU 41): 1.85kg; (total height: 41cm; inside: 37.5cm)

It’s these little details that make all the difference!

A loop on the back enables you to keep your strap in place once you’ve adjusted the pleat.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 100% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex Outer sole of 100% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber - Latex Lining and sock of 100% Polyester


In a dry place away from light.

User Directions

Keep away from fire.

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Women's Tall Wellies - Brown
Women's Tall Wellies - Brown
Women's Tall Wellies - Brown
Women's Tall Wellies - Brown
Women's Tall Wellies - Brown
Women's Tall Wellies - Brown


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