Wildlife Camera


Take photos or videos of wildlife by day and at night, and view them on the spot.

Need a simple camera that is easy to use? The BG500 camera is what you need. View your images on the spot on the 36 MP LCD screen.


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Product benefits

Ease of use

Ease of use

Easy to use, with 3 preset menus (photo / video / photo+video)

Easy reading

Easy reading

View your photos and videos on the spot on the built-in LCD screen

Image quality

Image quality

Up to 36 MP photos and 1,080 p full HD videos.



Movement detection at up to 20 metres (depending on the conditions)

Field of vision

Field of vision

45° detection angle and 52° vision angle

Visual efficiency

Visual efficiency

The black LEDs take pictures at night, without scaring the animals

Fast acting

Fast acting

Trigger speed of less than 1 second

Technical information

Details regarding use / filter

The automatic filter on the front of the lens is mobile and automatically disappears when turned on.

SD card

Not provided.
The FAT32 format of the SD card is essential for the camera to function correctly. It is important that no files other than those of the camera are stored on the SD card.

Efficient captures

Up to 20 metres in open fields and a trigger speed of less than 1 second.

The 45° detection angle and 52° vision angle guarantee efficient shots in most situations.

In strong winds and/or cases of frequent animal movements, we recommend the "time interval" function in the Expert menu to reduce the image frequency and increase the battery life.


Make sure that the zone in front of the lens is clear (no branches, bushes, etc.) to avoid taking unwanted pictures without any animals.


You should preferably face north or south to avoid low sun rays at sunrise and sunset that can interfere with the photo or the video.


Photos up to 36 mp
FULL HD 1080 video
MOV format


Not provided.
SD or micro SD card with an adapter up to 64 G

Power supply

8 conventional or rechargeable LR6 batteries


Night "black LED" no-glow flash light that does not scare animals and is invisible to humans

Pack contents

Carry strap
USB cable
Fastening tab


Can be powered by solar panel

Specific regulations

The use of hunting cameras or photographic traps on private property is subject to the authorisation of the owner or of the president of the local hunting association.

Find out for yourself before use.

Weather conditions

Rain-resistant / operating temperature range from -20°C to +45°C


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Structure 100% Polycarbonate Board 40% Copper, 30% Epoxy, 20% Silicium, 10% PCBA Lens 100% Glass - Mineral Frame 100% Stainless Steel


Remove the batteries from the camera before storing for lengthy periods.


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