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Wheel Trueing

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This service is for trueing a wheel if it is out of true.

When the wheel is out of true after impacts or small jolts when out cycling, the nipple heads loosen and wheel goes out of balance.This can lead to wheel spoke breakage.

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A buckled wheel is often due to an impact on the bike rim. Due to impact, the tension in the spokes changes and the wheel is then out of balance. This failure can lead to a loss of force, performance and handling at wheel level.To prevent this, you have to get your wheel repaired as soon as possible to prevent the wheel buckling further when cycling.

This service includes:

Wheel removal and trueing the wheel.

Please note:

Be advised that trueing a wheel can only bring it back into shape up to a certain degree of deviation. If the deviation is too big, the wheel will then have to be replaced.

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Avoid stacking bikes against one another in order to prevent your spokes from getting twisted and your wheels from losing their shape.