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Wheel Replacement (Front or Rear)

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This service is for replacing the front or rear wheel on your bike if it is damaged or widely misaligned

You need to change your wheel if it has buckled more than 5 millimetres, if the spokes have rusted, or if the wheel axle is broken.

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Technical information


There are a wide range of wheels to choose from.
The type of wheel you need will depend on your cycling usage. It is therefore important to be well informed about the model you need before replacing your wheel.

This service includes:

Removing and mounting the tyre, the inner tube, the cassette and the rim strip if required.
The technician will also adapt the brakes to the wheel positioning on your bike.

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We recommend not leaving your bikes in a damp environment, stacked against one another, or lying on the floor.

User Directions

This service does not include Nexus, rollerbrake,... wheels