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Waterproof Chaps


Waterproof chaps for outdoor activities in wet weather.

These durable, waterproof chaps are perfect for the outdoors, with double reinforcements on the front of the thigh and lower legs for extra protection against aggressive vegetation.

Color: Deep shale / Deep shale
Size: size guide


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Product benefits

Resistant to wild vegetation

Resistant to wild vegetation

Polyester fabric with reinforcements on the front of the legs and calves.



Waterproof chaps for hunting in the rain without getting wet.

Easy opening / closing

Easy opening / closing

Full-length zip on the sides with rip-tabs for easy dressing.

Technical information

Chaps designed to easily make your way through the most difficult undergrowth

When the bells ring, the dogs seek out the prey. For them, running through the dense undergrowth seems easy. But you have to keep up with them to catch the long-beaked bird. Since the woodcock often stays in inaccessible places, hunting chaps that can withstand thorns, brambles and gorse are necessary! Thanks to this model, no more scratches on your thighs and shins at the end of the day.

Fed up with scratched legs after a woodcock hunt? Then slip on these hunting chaps for protection

Our engineers and hunter designers have designed these chaps for beaters on big game drives but also, and especially, for woodcock shooters looking for effective leg protection. They are reinforced on the parts most exposed to aggressive vegetation (top of the thighs, bottom and back of the legs). The goal? To enable you to push on through the prickliest and toughest woods without batting an eye.

Chaps that are easy to put on and designed for action!

These chaps are easy to get on and off over trousers, and can be attached to the belt by four flaps with press studs. So when hunting, they follow all your movements without dropping and causing discomfort. These sturdy chaps also have a full-length zip on the right and left for easier opening and closing, in addition to the rip-tabs. What more could you ask for?

You're safe from rain and dripping branches along your path: the renfort 900 chaps are waterproof

In the early morning, especially in the winter, dew is everywhere. Since woodcocks like to hide deep in damp or even marshy woodland, you cannot be afraid to plunge into the saplings and get soaked by the water dripping from the trees, in order to find this beautiful bird. Not to worry! Our chaps specially designed for woodcock shooting are waterproof: Your legs stay dry, even in the rain.

How much do these hunting chaps weigh?

Size M: 935 g
Size XL: 1.05 kg
Size 3XL: 1.13 kg

Lengths: from the groin to the bottom of the shorts

For size M: inside leg length = 55.4 cm
For size XL: inside leg length = 56.8 cm
For size 3XL: inside leg length = 56.8 cm

Length of the inseam Length of leg without a belt.

55.4 56.8 56.8
69.2 72.3 73.6


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyester Lining 100% Cotton Yoke 88% Polyamide, 12% Polyethylene

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Do not bleach

Do not bleach

Tumble dry - low heat

Tumble dry - low heat

Do not iron

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

Do not dry-clean


Waterproof Chaps
Waterproof Chaps


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