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Vibrating electronic Massage Tool

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Designed for self-massaging after sports. It provides a pressure massage using the hand that is aided by the vibrations.

Relax your muscles with a massage! The massage tool can be used on many body areas: legs, arms, pectorals, neck... The manual massage is reinforced by vibrations.


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Product benefits



Perfectly suitable for the legs, arms, pecs, neck, etc.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Allows self-massages.Electronic vibrating hand.

Easy transport

Easy transport

The compact design is easy to carry everywhere.

Technical information

What is the vibrating electronic massage hand for?

It provides a pressure massage using the hand that is aided by the vibrations.You can adjust the pressure exerted according to the intensity and depth of the massage.

The massage and vibrations help relax the muscles and promote recovery.

It has a compact design so that you can take it when training or travelling.

how to use the product?

Insert the batteries in the compartment. Press the ON button
Works with 3 AAA LR06 batteries (included).

For an effective massage, use at least 5 minutes on each muscle group.

What are the use precautions?

For adults only. For external use only. Please consult a doctor before use:
- if you wear a pacemaker
- if you have any health condition
- if you are not certain that the product is right for you.
Do not disassemble. Do not mix batteries and accumulators. Do not use with massage oils.
Do not immerse.

How can I promote my recovery?

For optimal recovery after exertion, you can use a recovery drink, protein bars, a massage ball (ideal to relax trigger points), a massage roll/foam roller (for the back and legs), compression or electrostimulation in complement to your massage tool


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