Tubeless Tyre Air Blast Chamber


This inflator has been designed for remarkably efficient, effortless tubeless and tubeless set up. Preload up to 160 psi.

It's so easy to seat your tubeless tyre onto the rim with this air chamber. Load it with air then release it via the valve to blast your tyre into place. Amazing value for money and very effective.


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Product benefits


Inflate up to 11 bars/160 psi thanks to the inflator's large capacity.

Ease of use

Universal pump head. Valve for releasing the air in the tyre.


Wide foot for better stability.


Welded steel pump body. 76 mm in diameter.


Aluminium cylinder with a 1-litre capacity.

Technical information

Small and large valves

Connects to all types of valve (Presta, Schrader, Dunlop) by clipping the universal head on.

Instructions of use

Firstly, to guarantee an airtight seal, add some anti-puncture sealant to the tyre.

How to use your pump

1) Connect your pump to the valve on the tank's handle.
2) Inflate.
3) When the tank reaches the desired pressure, unhook its hose.
4) Clip the tank to the tubeless or tubeless ready tyre's valve.
5) Move the valve 90° to release some air into the tubeless or tubeless ready tyre.
6) Disconnect the tank.
7) Check the pressure using a pressure gauge.

A tank with plenty of storage!

Capacity: 1450 cm3
Height: 485 cm
Weight: 2.4 kg
Pressure: 11 bars/160 psi

Safety first

There is a relief valve inside the foot to stop the pressure getting too high.


We guarantee our products for 2 years.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Base 100% Aluminium Structure 100% Polyamide 6.6

User Directions

Do not attach a compressor to the tank


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