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Touring Ski Boot Scarpa Maestrale 21-22


The ideal boot for ski touring in the mountains. It is recognised for its exceptional manoeuvrability on the descent.

This model from Scarpa is the staple touring ski boot, attracting many users who appreciate its fit and support. Here is the version of winter 21-22

Size: size guide
To ensure your shoes are the correct size, please check our size chart.


Product benefits


1440 g per boot in size 27

Easy to rotate

60° cuff travel in walk position. Ski position: angle of 16° or 18°


INTUITION® Thermoformable Liner 3 aluminium hooks + tightening strap


Low tech inserts for ski touring bindings.

Ease of use

Lever to switch between walk mode to ski mode

Technical information

How do I choose my ski touring boots?

You must select your ski touring boots based upon how you will use them.
It is a compromise between performance when descending (support/rigidity) and comfort when climbing (lightweight/rotation)
For versatile boots, (freeride, freerando or multi-purpose downhill), the 4 hooks enable more support and precision.
Designed for use at the resort and in the mountains, the 2 or 3 hooks are more suitable, thanks to their low weight and increased cuff travel

Liner comfort

The thermoformable INTUITION® liner also makes the inside of the boot more comfortable. You can therefore thermoform the liner so that it adapts to the shape of your foot.

We recommend you also adjust your liners with the laces (supplied) to avoid friction, and blisters as a result.

It is also important to take the time to try on different models of boot, to find the one that suits your feet the best.

Boot adjustment system

The cable, that forms a "Z" pattern on the instep of the boat provides, good retention of the forefoot. The tightening on the top of the foot, at the ankle, is what properly holds your foot in place and prevents the heel from lifting. This becomes important when going downhill, so that you can efficiently choose the direction of travel.

Cuff travel

This boot has 60° of cuff travel.
The cuff travel frees the ankle and gives you mobility when climbing.

Length of the outer sole of the boot

26 = 297mm
27 = 306mm
28 = 314mm
29 = 322mm
30 = 331mm

RECCO® system:

If you are skiing in a resort
The RECCO® search and rescue system features a technology in two parts which is used by the rescue services of most ski resorts.
- The RECCO® detector used by the rescue teams emits a directional signal.
- The RECCO® reflector built into the boot returns the signal. This generates an audible sound which guides rescue personnel directly to the person needing assistance.
Before setting off, make sure you get the information you need from the professionals


2 years

Product concept & technology


Remove your insoles after each outing to dry them.

User Directions

Do not use with Alpine standard bindings

Customer reviews