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players who want to improve their game by practising with family or friends, using a powerful, forgiving racket. The bag lets you store everything together.

This set contains 2 SR57 100 aluminium rackets, 2 foam balls, and a bag that means you can quickly get to playing with your family or friends, and quickly improve!


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Product benefits

Ease of use

Ease of use

All you need for playing with family or friends: 1 case, 2 rackets, 2 balls.



Large head: 685 cm².



The aluminium frame

Easy to move

Easy to move

The bag means you can travel around easily with all your squash gear.



Neutral balance (305 mm unstrung).

Technical information

Capacity and ease of transport

The bag means that it's easy to carry these two rackets and red dot ball. The handle lets you easily carry the bag over your shoulder.

Racket weight = 205 g (unstrung)

The 205 g weight (unstrung) will give you excellent power so you can push your opponent back to the baseline.

This racket's features mean that advanced players can continue improving.

Racket balance = 305 mm (unstrung)

The 305 mm neutral balance gives the racket a good compromise between handling and power.

Head size = 685 cm²

The 685 cm² head creates a racket that makes up for centring errors. The entire racket is therefore more forgiving.
Because the head is longer, the strings are also longer. This means that the SR57 160 has more power - perfect for intermediate players.

String pattern = 14 x 18

The string pattern has been designed to give intermediate players power and control.
The strings have been tightened for additional control.

Design - Racket appearance

This sporty racket is a perfect ally for intermediate players looking for control.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Racket frame 100% Aluminium 6061 Shell 100% Foamed Polyurethane Protection cover 100% Polyester Racket string 100% Polyamide Racket handle 100% Polyurethane Bumper grommet 100% Polyamide 6.6 Racket top cap 100% Polyamide Racket end cap 100% Polyamide 6.6 Grip 100% Polyurethane


Avoid subjecting your racket to major temperature fluctuations.Avoid storing in low temperatures (below 5°C).


Our product has been tested in our Tech Centers with our technical partners. The SR57 160 has been designed for the most demanding squash players. The SR57 100 was compared to the best products on the market during testing.

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