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Social Biwy L Carp fishing


We have designed the Social Biwy to meet a specific objective: encouraging moments of conviviality and sharing them by the water.

The Social Biwy is a carp shelter designed to facilitate the creation of a comfortable living space to share convivial moments between enthusiasts at the water's edge.


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Product benefits



Very large internal volume for moments of sharing and conviviality.

Assembly time

Assembly time

Extremely fast assembly and disassembly thanks to an ingenious system.



Adjustable side panels (screen and tarpaulin mode).



The fabric withstands tropical downpours of 200 litres per m2 per hour.

Technical information


- Weight: 12kg
- Strength: 200 denier canvas
- Waterproofing: PU 2000 mm
- Bag dimensions 156 x 18 x 18 cm
- Extremely quick assembling and disassembling system
- Very big habitability: Height 220cm - Width 210cm - Length 210cm
- Adjustable side panels (screen and tarpaulin mode).
- Eco-designed carry bag
- Supplied without ground mat (not available)


1/ Screen mode
The side panels can be used in screen mode for maximum brightness and visibility.

2/ Tarpaulin mode
The panels can also be used in tarpaulin mode to provide effective protection from the rain.

3/ Front door mode
The closed front panel with its central zip can be used as a door.

4/ No front panel mode
By folding the doors on the left and right, you get a very large opening for easy movement.


The Social Biwy has an extremely quick and easy assembly system.

Each panel has a flexible central handle that can be used to tension the rings. In practice, by pulling on the handle of each panel (4 side panels + one ceiling panel = 5 handles = 5 pulling actions), you assemble the self-supporting structure of the Social Biwy in just a few seconds.

It is easy, quick, clever and terribly efficient!


Providing irreproachable reliability regardless of your fishing conditions, the Social Biwy’s waterproofing is controlled and validated in the laboratory using rigorous protocols. These tests replicate catastrophic weather conditions of 200 litres per m2 per hour. To give you a better idea, even in major storms meteorologists only very rarely get to measure rainfall of 100L per m2 per hour.
There's no doubt that you'll be dry all year round in your Social Biwy.


2 years

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