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Smooth Field Hockey Ball - Pink Glitter

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Designed for kids who want a fun ball for learning to play field hockey

A fun ball for beginning and training on sandy pitches

Color: Fluo crimson


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Product benefits

ball touch

ball touch

Standard ball with a fun design. Suitable for kids learning to play

Technical information

Detailed description

Rotomoulded PVC. Hollow. Smooth decorated surface. Basic standard ball. Soft

Weight and diameter

Weight: 156 g; Diameter: 70 mm

Standard FIH weight and diameter

According to the FIH rules, field hockey balls must have a diameter between 71.3 and 74.8 mm and a weight between 156 g and 163 g. For kids who are just starting hockey, you can get "mini" balls which are standard-sized but lighter. There are also "street" balls, which are smaller and lighter and designed for playing in the garden/road/etc.

What's on the inside of your hockey ball?

A hockey ball is made of solid or hollow plastic. Elite level balls have a cork or rubber core. Depending on the composition of the plastic and the core, a ball will have a different feeling of hardness and different levels of bounce. The surface of the ball is either smooth or dimpled.

Which ball for which pitch?

A smooth ball is suited to sand-based pitches. A dimpled ball is suited to wet turf because it will provide better traction on the surface and stick in a damp environment.

Training or match ball?

Compared with training balls, match balls have better feel, trajectory and speed.


Founded in 1891 by Mr. Allah Dita in Pakistan, at the beginning of the sport, Dita originated many innovations that helped to create modern-day hockey. With matchless expertise, Dita designed products that promoted creative, high-performance play. The kind exemplified by Seve van Ass, Florent van Aubel and Martin Hâner!


The information here was provided by the manufacturer or observed by our teams from samples received from the manufacturer.




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