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Set Of 10 Flat Training Discs - Orange

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Our football designers have developed these flat discs for marking out the pitch without interfering with the game.

Mark out the pitch without interfering with the game! These flat, durable discs help mark out an area at the centre of the game, both indoors and outdoors.


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Eco designed

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Product benefits


These flat discs resist being stepped on thanks to their supple material.

Ease of use

Extra-flat markers that don't change the ball's trajectory.


The central opening prevents players from slipping when stepping on the discs.


These discs stick to any type of hard surface.


10% decrease in material consumption. Made in France.

Technical information

Introducing the Essential range with a newcomer: flat training discs

Using our field observations and through discussions with coaches, we were able to note various needs when laying out exercises: marking points on the ground, dodging, etc. To meet these needs, we designed the Essential range. Useful, accessible products that fulfil a key function (marking out, targeting, etc.) for fun and effective training at all ages. Large cones which allow you to mark out the field. Follow the story!

Our football design team explains the Essential range's identity

"These discs feature the emblematic arrow symbol of the Essential range. To complete the family look, the discs are coloured neon orange, the colour of our brand, to provide greater visibility both indoors and outdoors".

A product designed for indoor and outdoor training.

The flat disc is an important tool for football coaches as it allows them to mark out a play area without interfering with the trajectory of the ball. However, its flexible material which grips so well onto hard ground can become slippery when outdoors. (moisture, rain, etc.). This is why we've added an opening in the centre of each disc to create a grippy area for players to step on, making them safer.

Reliability and durability tested on the pitch

The durability of our materials indoors has been proven time and time again. But how do they fare outdoors when used by players with studs? Our product has been tested under extreme rugby training conditions. Gleefully trampled during a training session, our discs maintained their shape and effectiveness!

Responsible design

"Because ecology is at the heart of our project, reducing our environmental impact was a key issue throughout the development of our discs. In addition to optimising the consumption of materials and the selection of recyclable packaging, we chose to produce our product in France and thus reduce the impact of its transport.
The result: a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions."

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2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene


For a longer lifespan, store the product in an area that is protected from bad weather!


Set Of 10 Flat Training Discs - Orange
Set Of 10 Flat Training Discs - Orange
Set Of 10 Flat Training Discs - Orange

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