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SEA SHELL 2.0 BLUE BACK sea fishing


These squid jigs are designed for fishing for cuttlefish and squid.

These SeaSquid jigs are designed for fishing for cuttlefish and squid, from the shore or a boat.


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Product benefits


The jig’s holographic film attracts cuttlefish and squid from far away.

Swimming depth

This jig is a sinking jig, and can be used to fish close to the seabed.

Technical information


- Size: 2.0 (6 cm)
- Weight: 7 g
- Speed: 6 sec/m
- Colour: Blue back
- Density: Sinking
- Iridescent coating
- 3D eye
- Fixed vertical ring
- Anti-snag sinker
- Ultra-sharp hook

Angler advice

We recommend using this jig near areas where cuttlefish hunt (sandy areas and rocks near algae). All you need to do is cast the jig, wait for it to reach the seabed and jerk it, using long jerks or a twitch and retrieve motion. If you feel a weight or resistance, strike with a short, sharp movement and reel in your catch at medium speed.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Maintenance advice

Rinse in clean water after use.

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