Sea Fishing Lure Cast Minnow 95 25g White Lemon


Designed for sea fishing for bass with lures.

This lure can be cast very far; it is primarily designed for bass fishing. If you are fishing in waves from the shore, or from a boat, you need one of these in your tackle box!


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Product benefits


Casts far thanks to its streamlined shape.

Visual efficiency

Rolling action on the descent, giving off flashes.

Technical information


- Weight: 25 g
- Length: 9.5 cm
- Colours: White Lemon
- Swimming depth: 0,80 m
- Density: ultra sinking

Angler advice

We recommend using this lure in very rough areas (waves, etc.). When casting from shore, its darting swimming action makes it particularly effective during pauses, as it uses an excellent rolling action whilst descending.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Maintenance advice

Rinse in clean water after use.

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