SCD Neoprene Glue for Diving Wetsuits

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Our Subea engineers developed this glue for re-gluing and repairing tears or holes in your neoprene wetsuit.

Repairing your diving wetsuit is easy with this supple, easy to use glue!

Color: BLACK


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Product benefits

Easy maintenance

30 ml of black glue to repair your neoprene wetsuits

Technical information

Repair neoprene clothing

Repairing diving garments requires a special glue that must not harden the garments. It must remain supple after use and must not create any breakage points.Remember to glue your garments in two steps:Apply a first coat of glue to the parts to be bonded and leave to dry for 5 minutes. Apply another coat of glue and assemble the two parts.Wait 24h before using the wetsuit.Use protective gloves and eye/face protection.


Contains 30 ml of glue.Tube: 35 g


Contains:cyclohexane, ethyl acetate, hydrocarbons C6 isoalcanes < 5% n-hexane.


2 years


0.046 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Formula 49% Cyclohexane, 20% Ethyl Acetate, 20% Hydrocarbon, C6 Isoalcanes <5% N-Hexane, 10% Hydrocarbon, C7, N-Alcanes, Isoalcanes, Cyclic, 1% Colophony


Keep out of the reach of children.Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, and any other source of ignition.

Approved By

Our prototype and production teams approved this glue for repair or assembly of neoprene wetsuits

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