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PR 190 Junior - Blue


Beginner junior padel players (9 to 11 years).

Ideal for beginner junior padel players wanting a racket that combines ease of handling and control.


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Product benefits


The 36 mm size and light weight let you react quickly.


The Full EVA design is very forgiving of centring errors.

Technical information

What is Full EVA?

This innovation is exclusive to Artengo, Decathlon's padel brand. The racket is made from a single piece of EVA foam covered with a composite fibre surface. The larger EVA foam surface increases the head's sweet spot and therefore makes it more forgiving of centring errors, resulting in better ball control.

Do you know what padel is?

Padel emerged in Mexico in the late 1960s. This fun sport soon found its way to Spain, Argentina, and later to all Spanish-speaking South American countries. Padel is currently the second-most played sport in Spain, behind football but ahead of tennis. There are eight million players around the world.

How do you play padel?

Matches are played in teams of two (doubles). Two serves are allowed and must be played underhand, diagonally across the court. One bounce is allowed. The ball must hit the ground before any other part of the court. The ball can be hit against a wall after it has bounced (wall only, not the metal fence). The ball can leave the court after bouncing and can be hit back into play from outside the court. The points system is the same as tennis.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Racket frame 40% Glass - Fiber, 30% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 30% Carbon Racket handle 50% Polyurethane, 50% Polyamide 6.6


Store your bat after each use.


Our research centre is based in Spain and is a hub for design and engineering expertise. Its role is to identify users' needs and feed them back to our design centre in France.
The prototypes are tested on padel courts by users who represent that particular need. Their durability is then tested in the lab at our design centre.
These tests mean that we can thoroughly check the quality of our products.

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