Orienteering Right-Thumb Compass Racer 500 - black orange


This compass features a stable, rapid needle, ideal for regular orienteering users

This compass allows you to get your bearings while you run! You can read your map and compass at the same time thanks to the thumb-adjusted strap

Color: Blood orange


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Product benefits


Precise and quick needle, balanced for the northern hemisphere


Thanks to the stability disc, you can read the compass while running

Easy transport

Fits on the thumb so that you can read a map and the compass at the same time

Fast acting

The powerful magnet under the needle will speed up its reaction time.

Technical information

Why use a compass on the thumb?

There are a number of advantages to thumb carrying as soon as you start running while reading your map and compass.
It is easy to read the map and compass simultaneously, since the compass is always in contact with the map.
In addition, you can avoid the risk of getting snagged on a branch you face with a traditional cord and, if you fall, carrying a thumb compass means you can keep both hands free!

Rapid and stable needle:

A stable needle will allow you to read your compass while running and thus stay on course!
This stability is due to the special construction of the 'pivoting' needle.
In addition, a transparent stability disc reduces the unwanted vibrations of the needle, thus making it easy to read while running.
Lastly, the powerful magnet you can see under the needle enables a rapid reaction time.

Left or right thumb?

Our advice:
In general, right-handers prefer a LEFT-thumb compass and left-handers prefer a RIGHT-thumb compass; they can thus keep their stronger hand free to move branches aside, keep their balance or carry an electronic pointer to validate the control points.
RIGHT-thumb compass: 8552897

Graduations: learn to do mental calculations!

The arrow at the top of the compass can help you find your position more quickly and easily on the map. The arrow is also graduated (3 cm), so you can quickly gauge the distances you will need to travel.
"So, 2 cm on the map, at a scale of 1:15,000, means 30,000 cm, so 300 m! You need to be good at doing sums in your head!"

Oil bath - yes or no?

Rest assured: all Geonaute compasses are filled with viscous oil to ensure optimal performance.

Balancing: can I use my compass all over the world?

This compass is balanced for use in the Northern Hemisphere.
Near the equator, or in the Southern Hemisphere, our compass will continue to indicate north, but its stability will be affected.

Our tips to ensure your compass lasts

Keep your compass in a place that is neither hot nor cold. Avoid excessively high or low temperatures and changes in pressure: high altitudes in the mountains or transport in the hold of an aeroplane.
After use, store the compass in the small, soft pouch provided to protect it from scratches.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Base 100% Polymethyl Methacrylate Carry bag 100% Polyester Elastic band 100% Polyamide


Your compass comes with a little, soft pouch to protect it from any impacts or scratches during transport.

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