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Adonis Keto Protein Bar Hazelnut Crunch & Chocolate 16x45g

Price per Quantity £647.50kg

Adonis Keto Protein Bar Hazelnut Crunch & Chocolate 16x45g

Flavor: Chocolate-hazelnut

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The perfect combination of crunchy and creamy. Our Hazelnut and Chocolate keto bars have a smooth peanut butter layer which adds a delicious flavor and smooth texture! Heading for a run, the gym or any workout… grab one before you go!


Almonds: a crunch texture with a nutty, woody and toasty aroma. Almonds contain healthy fats, fibre, protein, calcium and vitamins E & B.

Hazelnuts: are a great low sugar source of dietary fibre. They contain vitamin E, healthy fats and protein- helping to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Soy Crisps: are a mix of soy protein, tapioca starch and salt. They are used to give our bar its signature texture and clean, tasty flavour.

Soy Protein comes from soybeans and is a completely vegan protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids.

Erythritol: sugar alcohol (polyol) that is naturally occurring and commonly found in cheese, mushroom, wine and many fruits. It provides a sweet taste without creating a spike in insulin.

Chicory Root Fibre: is a naturally occurring, versatile dietary fibre (optimal as a sugar replacer). It is a soluble fibre that naturally grows as part of the chicory plant and has a substantial body of strong science supporting health.

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