Mountain Biking Mudguard Kit


Giro have designed and developed these mountain-biking shoes to suit both mountain and hybrid biking. The versatile show will give you comfort on most rides.

A front and rear mudguard set that attaches and detaches without tools. Put them on or take them off, depending on the day's weather. All you need is an Allen wrench the first time you put them on.


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Product benefits



They effectively protect your back, chest, and face from mud.



This kit is suitable for mountain bikes from 24" to 29" + most telescopic forks.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Easy assembly / dismantling

At the rear: tool-free in one step. At the front: blades detachable in one step

Technical information

Attach / Detach:

This mudguard set attaches and detaches from the mountain bike in one step without tools.
At the back, an adjustable clamp lets you attach the mudguard onto any round seat post. The position of the blade can be adjusted both height-wise and lengthwise thanks to a double-jointed arm.
Tighten seat and wipe off grease before riding.

In the front, once the metal plate has been attached into the fork, the two blades can be attached and removed in a flash.

Stay protected from dirt

This mudguard protects the rider's back, chest, and face from tyre spray.
However, you should be aware that you will always get dirty when mountain biking in wet and muddy conditions.You can never totally escape it...

Front compatibility

Comes with 2 expansion adaptors that attach into the pivot of the fork.
The small one goes from 19.2 mm to 24.2 mm.
The large one goes from 29 mm to 35 mm.

Dimensions and weight

Total length: 52 cm
Blade width: 8.5 cm
Weight: 165 g

Blade length: 49 cm
Blade width: 8.5 cm at its widest, 6 cm at the rear.
Weight: 160 g


2 years

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