Mk 4 Protective Ear Plugs


Designed to protect your hearing.

Suitable for sports shooting, the Mk 4 has a filter with 2 noise reduction levels (high or very high) thanks to the shut-off valve.

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Product benefits

Audio efficiency

Audio efficiency

Noise reduction: Filter mode (SNR=19dB) and closed mode (SNR=27 dB).



2 positions: open and closed for enhanced progressive sound attenuation.



Available in 2 sizes (M-L). Suitable for sport shooting and hunting.

Technical information

Noise attenuation

Enhanced noise attenuation on higher frequencies (the most harmful) and the shut-off valve offers 2 noise attenuation levels (high and very high):
-low protection in calm surroundings (4dB at 80dB noise).
-moderate attenuation for medium noise (24dB at 100dB).
-high attenuation for high noise (39dB at 120 dB).

Product details according to the manufacturer

MK 4 earplugs comply with CE standards for PPE in accordance with the EN 352-2 - 2002 standard.
Noise attenuation values tested according to standard EN 352-2: 2002 of directive 89/686/EEC (These values give the attenuation level for constant noise levels):
ALVIS MK4 closed NRR: 27 H: 28 M: 24 L: 24.
ALVIS Mk4 open SNR: 19 H: 22 M: 16 L: 11**.

2 positions

Open: the progressive filter reduces noise according to its loudness. Accurate and normal hearing in quiet conditions and protection in a noisy environment. Closed: occlusive and watertight ear plug.


Available in two sizes M and L.


1 year

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