Method Feeder Fishing Leader with Hair FF - SNH - MC.

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This 10 cm leader is designed for method feeder fishing.

This hook with hair makes it easy to attach different types of bait using a bait stop and boilie needle (sold separately). Pack of 8 leaders.

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Product benefits

Ease of use

The length of the hair rig lets you attach micro-boilies up to 10 mm


The Carp Pole hooks let you wrestle the biggest fish.

Visual efficiency

The tube makes your rig lie perfectly at the bottom of the water.

Technical information


The leaders are rigged with heavy-duty "carp pole" hooks, also sold separately.

Leader length: 10 cm
Size 10 hook on nylon 22/100
Size 12 hook on nylon 22/100.
Size 14 hook on nylon 20/100
Size 16 hook on nylon 20/100.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Structure 100% Polyvinylidene Fluoride Hook 100% Steel Complementary parts 100% Silicon


This product has been tested and approved by our ambassadors on waters all over Europe.

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