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Mens Mull Mid HydroDRY Waterproof Walking Boot


Sprayway leather waterproof walking boot. Suede and mesh boot tough enough for the hills, soft enough for everyday.

The Mull Low is a go to all-rounder. HydroDRY® technology consists of a fully waterproof membrane and wicking tricot liner to ensures you stay dry and comfortable all day.

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Product benefits



HydroDRY® 4 layer fabric



SW037 rubber compound outsole with large lugs offering grip

Fitting comfort

Fitting comfort

C-EVA cushioned midsole & removable footbed

Technical information


HydroDRY® is a 4 layer fabric consisting of wicking abrasion resistance lining, protective open cell foam, non-porous membrane and protective tricot. These layers are laminated together to create a 4 layer fabric. The fabric is constructed into a fully taped bootie on the inside of the product. Leathers, meshes and outer materials (such as the leathers) have a Durable Water Repellent finish to help prevent these materials absorbing water (which would make the product heavier, feel colder).


By regularly treating your Sprayway footwear with cleaners and re-proofers you are assured years of comfort and performance from your footwear.


Never put footwear in a washing machine. Wash off any mud and dirt using a nylon brush and warm water. A technical footwear wash or gel can be applied to remove more worn in dirt and oils (do not use a detergent consult your local Sprayway stockist for further advise). Footbeds and laces are removable and can be machine washed on a 40° gentle cycle using non-biological detergent. If your footwear has leather collar linings, these should also be cleaned with warm water and a cloth.


Whilst the HydroDRY waterproof/breathable membrane forms the lining of the boots it is important to keep the upper materials water repellent in order to maintain total performance. After cleaning the boots apply an appropriate re-proofing agent suitable for footwear with membranes; for leather uppers or leathers and fabric depending on the materials in your footwear.


Drying: footwear at room temperature, away from direct heat or strong direct sunlight. Stuffing with newspaper then changing the paper after a few hours will speed up the process.

Conditioning: Leather is a natural material and will dry over time, applying a leather conditioner will help keep leathers nourished and supple, extending the life and performance of your footwear.


1 year

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