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Men's Soft Ground Screw-In Rugby Boots Impact R100 SG 8 Studs - Black


Our team of enthusiasts has designed these boots especially for props, locks and hookers.

Do you play rugby once or twice a week on soft pitches? Then check out this hard-wearing boot, designed to support you when you're scrummaging.

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Product benefits



"Its eight-stud sole provides excellent support on soft ground. "

Fitting comfort

Fitting comfort

The soft and thick upper provides comfort to the front of the foot



A reinforced heel ensures they stay on when scrummaging.

Technical information

The Impact 100, a story of design

"The story behind the Impact 100 began three years ago. It all started with the desire to offer expert players a high-quality boot that was comfortable and hard-wearing and which responded to the demands of playing at their level. Our design team joined forces with our ambassadors and rugby-playing Decathlon employees to make the boot a reality. After three years of work and more than ten prototypes, we are delighted to bring you this boot.

Your comfort is our priority.

"In designing this boot, we focused on one key area: your comfort. “We used a scanner to measure the feet of 700 rugby players, both children and adults, in the Lille area. We realised that rugby players have feet that are one size larger than the average in Europe,” said Raphaël, a product engineer at Offload. We then used this scientific research to design a boot offering maximum levels of comfort."

It's a boot designed with the pros.

"We designed this boot in collaboration with rugby-playing colleagues and also with professional players competing in France's Top 14. These players know what they want from a boot. The Impact 100 passed the user tests we set up with expert players competing at both regional level and the highest level in the country."

Our team is proud to present you ...

"We are proud to bring you this boot, which has won over professional players such as Lyon prop Clément Ric and La Rochelle prop Vincent Pelo, both of whom play in the Top 14.“We were so proud when Clément called us to ask if he could wear the boots in an official match. That was when we said to ourselves that we weren't far from achieving what we set out to do,” said William, a product manager at Offload.

… a boot designed especially for the scrum.

With its padded, robust and hard-wearing front section, this is a boot that protects the front part of your foot. An additional inlay on the side of the boot creates a loop effect designed to offer the very best protection. And we've added a liner too for even more support. The reinforced heel means there's no danger of these boots coming off in a scrum. And the rigid sole guarantees great support when scrummaging.

Versatility - compatibility

You can adapt your level of traction and to the condition of the pitch by using Offload aluminium 11-13-15-18-21mm screw-in studs sold by Decathlon.
13mm rubber screw-in studs reference 8035462 are also compatible with this boot model and can be used for dry pitches


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 100% Polyurethane Lining and sock of 100% Polyester Outer sole of 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Maintenance advice

Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry

Do not dry-clean

Do not dry-clean

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Men's Soft Ground Screw-In Rugby Boots Impact R100 SG 8 Studs - Black
Men's Soft Ground Screw-In Rugby Boots Impact R100 SG 8 Studs - Black
Men's Soft Ground Screw-In Rugby Boots Impact R100 SG 8 Studs - Black

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