Men's Piste Ski Boots Salomon X Access 80 - Black


For intermediate skiers seeking a comfortable boot that will grow with them.

This boot provides the comfort for improving your technique under the best possible conditions, thanks to its generous volume.

Size: size guide
To ensure your shoes are the correct size, please check our size chart.


Product benefits


Flexible: Flex 80 Offers flexibility and comfort so you can develop gradually.


104 mm: wide foot. Thick foam liner for maximum comfort.

Anatomic design

Preformed liner, not thermoformable.


4 micro-metric buckles: 2 adjustable tooth plates. 35 mm strap.

Ease of use

The design of the shell helps foot entry.


Insulating sole and liner to keep in the heat.

Technical information


Good performance and a generous volume for those seeking comfort first and foremost. These shoes have a 104 mm wide fit, a flex of 80 and specific deformation zones at the front of the foot and collar for a perfect fit. The Twinframe design provides bounce, flex and increased control, as well as improved responsiveness. The adjustment at the calf offers a greater amplitude and adapts easily and quickly to all body shapes.


This boot comes with 4 micro-metric solid aluminium buckles. You can adjust the buckle length by screwing or unscrewing the buckle. The top buckle has 3 positions to fit all calf sizes. A wide, adjustable strap at the top of the upper makes for strong and easy closure at the top of the shell.

What is FLEX?

To provide an indication of boot rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure indicates the rigidity of the boot: the higher its value, the stiffer the shell. A flex of 60 to 70 is considered best for skiers at beginner level. A flex from 70 to 100 is for intermediate skiers. Beyond this value, the products are aimed at advanced skiers. Heavy builds can, however, go up a level.

What's my shoe size?

The size of ski boots is stated in Mondopoint size. It’s actually the length of the foot in cm.
Wedge your heels along a wall, slide a sheet of paper underneath, flex and measure the longest foot.
For example, if your foot measures 27.2 cm, you should choose size 27/27.5.
A size 27 shoe is exactly the same as a 27.5

How do you know if the boot you are trying on is the right size?

With the foot in the boot, fasten the hooks to the midpoint. Can you go further? This means the volume of the boot isn't right for you. Once your boots are closed, do 3 flexes. Stand upright: Your toes should touch the tip of the liner. When you flex, your foot should move backwards so you can no longer feel the end. Take into account that the liner foam will be compressed after a few days of skiing.

What should you do if you experience foot pain?

1- Choose a technical ski sock that's thin so it prevents pressure points and promotes blood circulation in the foot.
2- Choose a sole adapted to the shape of your foot to prevent it from being squashed and pressing against the shell. Ask a salesperson in store for advice.

How to store your ski boots?

1- Air your boots by removing the liner that is inside the plastic shells.
2- Fasten the buckles at the first notch to prevent the boots from becoming deformed and, if possible, store them in a boot bag.
3- If possible, store them in a dry place where the temperature will not drop below 10°C. The boot's plastic will thank you for it!


2 years

Product concept & technology


Dry your boots before storing them. Store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag in a warm room.

User Directions

Do not dry on a radiator.

Maintenance advice

Dry after each usage..

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