Men's Padel Shoes PS 190 - Navy


playing padel at beginner level.

These padel shoes give you the grip you need for playing on sand-filled artificial turf.

Color: Navy blue / Deep indigo / Fluo lime
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Product benefits


Specially-designed herringbone pattern for grip on artificial turf.


EVA foam midsole to absorb impacts.


Mesh fabric on the upper to wick away perspiration.

Technical information

Why should you play padel with specific shoes?

Padel is played on sand-filled artificial grass. This makes the court very slippery. Padel shoes have a sole with a specific shape so that players of all levels have the grip they need. They also provide lateral stability, foot support, and cushioning as they absorb impacts.

How do you play padel?

Matches are played in teams of two (doubles). Two serves are allowed and must be played underhand, diagonally across the court. One bounce is allowed. The ball must hit the ground before any other part of the court. The ball can be hit against a wall after it has bounced (wall only, not the metal fence). The ball can leave the court after bouncing and can be hit back into play from outside the court. The points system is the same as tennis.

To start off on the right foot, our design team has some tips:

Besides kitting yourself out with the right shoes, it's a good idea to use specific beginner balls when you start learning padel. They are softer and slower to make learning to control your shots easier.
Finally, taking classes will help you learn faster and keep you from developing bad habits, such as using the same techniques from tennis or squash.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Outer sole of 60% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber, 40% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Upper of 60% Polyurethane, 40% Polyester Lining and sock of 100% Polyester - Recycled


Our research centre is based in Spain and is specialised in design and engineering. Its role is to identify users' needs and bring them back to our design centre in France.
Prototypes are tested on padel courts with the type of users for whom the products are intended. Product durability is then tested at our design centre.
This allows us to approve our products based on their quality.

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