Men's long sleeved anti-UV desert trekking shirt - DESERT 900 - Beige


Our designers created this shirt for adventurers spending several consecutive days in sandy environments.

The perfect shirt for sandy environments: maximum protection from the sun (UPF 40, maximum coverage) and wide ventilation to feel the slightest breeze.

Color: Sand / BROWN
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Product benefits


Polyamide shirt for increased tear resistance

Sun protection

Fabric with a guaranteed UPF 40 rating. Coverage:long sleeves and turn-up collar


Openings on the front and back to enable air to circulate and manage heat

Sand dranaige

All the pocket bottoms are in mesh to enable perfect removal of sand

Freedom of movement

The wide fit provides maximum comfort and lets air circulate


310 g in size L

Technical information


The UPF index (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) corresponds to tests carried out on fabric by a spectrophotometer. A UPF 40 rating means that the fabric only lets 1/40th of the UV light through. This is one of the best available protection ratings against the sun's rays.


To reduce the risk of harmful damage from the desert sun, this shirt is designed to ensure maximum skin coverage:

- Long sleeves with a longer section at the wrist to protect the hands
- Collar that can be raised to cover the back of the neck


To manage the heat more effectively in the desert, this shirt is made with a lightweight fabric and the loose fit has air vents at the front and back.

As a result, the fabric does not stick to the skin, lets air circulate and reduces perspiration. The back vents do not work with a backpack sitting on the back. To achieve this, we recommend the Desert 500 backpack, which allows the back vents to work properly.

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2 years


S : 0.202 kg
M : 0.208 kg
L : 0.216 kg
XL : 0.224 kg
2XL : 0.254 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyamide Yoke 100% Polyester


The entire design team visited the desert several times (Sahara in Morocco and Wadi Rum in Jordan) to design the most suitable products for trekking in the desert. Their mission: This involved a series of tests and subsequent modifications to ensure that your future treks in the desert are as pleasant as possible.

Approved By

A panel of independent trekkers (for complete impartiality) in the Sahara dunes in southern Morocco!

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Iron - Maximum temperature of 110°C - No Steam

Do not dry-clean


Men's long sleeved anti-UV desert trekking shirt - DESERT 900 - Beige
Men's long sleeved anti-UV desert trekking shirt - DESERT 900 - Beige
Men's long sleeved anti-UV desert trekking shirt - DESERT 900 - Beige


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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
8.95 kg CO2e
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