Men's golf pair of winter gloves CW black


Our golf-enthusiast designers developed this pair of gloves to allow you to play golf in cold weather.

These ultra-soft gloves provide an excellent grip while providing you with extra warmth for the cold weather.

Color: BLACK
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Product benefits


Their fleece and suede leather components are effective against the cold


Soft leather over the palm for maximum feel and grip

Technical information

Product story

When playing golf in winter, it is very important to keep your hands warm. Clubs become difficult to hold and you quickly lose feel when your hands get cold.

This is why we designed this glove for optimal warmth using soft, thin material to ensure your grip feels the same as with a regular glove.

Glove conditions of use

To conserve heat we recommend that you keep your gloves as dry as possible. Suede, like leather, conserves heat and should not be used when wet. We added a water-repellent treatment to allow you to pick up tees and balls off of wet ground without getting your hands wet.


For optimal thermal protection, we recommend that you use cold weather mittens over your gloves, when walking between shots.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Palm 100% Leather - Goat Back of the hand 100% Polyester Wrist 100% Rubber - Chloropren Gusset 70% Polyamide, 25% Polyurethane, 5% Elasthane Yoke 100% Polyester Coating 100% Polyurethane

User Directions

do not use when wet


Our team of designers is based at the Inesis Golf Park in northern France. All year round, our designers devise and develop attractive, simple and technically advanced products. The products then undergo rigorous field tests, because we are convinced that, for us to progress, there is no substitute for the real-life situations you will experience.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
2.39 kg CO2e
1 kg of CO2e represents 5km in a petrol car (according to the Base Carbone© of ADEME)
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The environmental note of this product is: C
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