Lure fishing at sea CASTING JIG BIASTOS ASSIST 40 g - Phospho. white


Designed for jig casting fishing at sea.

This very lifelike lure perfectly imitates the fish preyed on by sea predators. The 3D shape makes it swim attractively when sinking as well as during the retrieve.

Color: WHITE


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Product benefits

Visual efficiency

Very lifelike imitation of the prey of bass and bonito.


The 3D angular shape of the lure makes it flutter on the way down.

Ease of use

Easy to cast and work, can be used on a steady retrieve or twitched up and down.

Technical information


- Weight: 40 g
- Length: 8 cm
- Lure sold with MUSTAD PST treble hook + 1 single holographic assist hook


The BIASTOS casting jig is designed for boat and shore fishing. It can be worked in a variety of ways:
- Continuous cast and retrieve
- Sink and draw, where the retrieve is paused and punctuated with short twitches
This lifelike imitation perfectly mimics a distressed prey fish, which triggers attacks from predatory fish.
Also suitable for fishing with feather rigs.


This lure features a holographic assist hook which imitates a small shiny prey. This makes the lure more effective. You can remove the treble hook and use the assist hook on its own, which will save time when unhooking fish.


3D eyes add more realism to the lure.


The holographic reflections create sparkle, making them easy for predators to spot from a distance.
Phosphorescent colour is very effective for fishing deep down or in low light.
Thanks to the 3D printing process, the colour is a faithful copy of the mullet. This combines with a holographic film to provide the ultimate lifelike and deadly effective lure.


The protective resin applied to the lure improves its resistance to fish teeth and to the wear and tear of the sea (sand, rocks, ...).


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bottle/Body 100% Lead Hook 100% Steel

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