Low Frame City Bike Elops 540


Make your urban rides fun and comfortable with this city bike. You'll love its practical side and how well-equipped it is.

This city bike comes with quality components: a low frame, pannier rack, internal 7-speed hub, double-walled rims, and automatic lights powered by its dynamo hub.

Color: Dark petrol blue
Size: size guide


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Product benefits

User comfort

User comfort

2 sizes, upright riding position, height-adjustable handlebar, ergonomic grips.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Nexus 7-speed, can shift gears even when stationary; self-powered lights.

Bike safety

Bike safety

Self-powered lights using Shimano hub dynamo; reflective bands on tyres.

Braking power

Braking power

V-brakes with brake pads, easy to use and maintain.



Compatible with child seats and saddle bags; safety accessories.

Technical information

Shimano Nexus gear changes

This type of gear system is designed to let you change gears when stationary, without pedalling. It makes it easier to get your bike going again, particularly when you're carrying a lot of stuff.
The system is also shock-resistant because it's completely integrated into the rear wheel's hub and therefore needs very little maintenance.
There's a grip shifter to control it.
WARNING: the system needs you to stop pedalling for 1 second to change gears.


Double-butted steel frame—lighter and more comfortable.
Also available in a step-through frame model, making it easier to get on the bike (for both male and female riders).
* Double-butted tube: tube with varying thickness to save weight; thicker at the extremities to make it more solid, and thinner in the middle for a more comfortable ride and to better absorb vibrations.


Slightly curved steel fork to absorb the small bumps in the road and keep you more comfortable as you ride.


Aluminium V-brake calliper brakes (with pads) and levers.

Handlebar / stem / steering

Aluminium Dutch-style handlebar and damper stem (22.2 diameter) set to a very comfortable upright position.
Ergonomic grips to be more comfortable when regularly using the bike, along with inserts for attaching a VIOO clip to make you more visible from the side.A self-centring spring was added between the fork and the frame to help stabilize your bike with a loaded rack, while riding or parked.

Saddle/Seat post

Height-adjustable seat post (28.6 mm diameter), made of steel to more effectively absorb vibrations and provide a more comfortable ride.
Wide saddle whose foam padding varies in hardness based on the pressure points between your bum and the saddle.
Saddle is set at a 12° angle for greater comfort; welded in place for added safety.
Lockable seat clamp (diameter: 31.8 mm) so opportunist thieves can't steal your saddle / seat post.


Front and rear lights powered by a Shimano Nexus hub dynamo in the front wheel—no battery needed! Front light turns on automatically in low light conditions.
Back light built into the rear mudguard and front light built into the frame to prevent theft. Rear reflector built into the pannier rack.Reflective strips on the front and rear tyres to keep you more visible in the city when riding in any conditions.

Drivetrain / Pedals

7-speed Shimano Nexus geared hub controlled by a grip shifter. 40-tooth single chainring, 170 mm aluminium cranks, and 20-tooth cog.
Development in metres: 2.77 m to 6.80 m;
Chain tensioner to reduce maintenance caused by wear. KMC 106 chain links with rust-resistant coating.
Resin pedals.


28" 36-spoke double-walled front and rear wheels made of reinforced aluminium to prevent recurring buckling or deformation of the rims.
Why have we chosen this wheel size? So that our users can enjoy a more comfortable experience and the ride quality that this wheel size offers.
Front wheel attached with a quick release mechanism that can be opened with a 5 mm Allen key. 9 mm rear axle attached with bolts and can be dismounted with a 15 mm wrench.


700x44 balloon-type Skinwall tyres to smooth out bumps in the road and keep you more comfortable as you ride while also providing better rolling.
The Schrader valves make the tyres easier to inflate, even at a garage.
The ideal pressure is between 3.5 and 4 bars.
1 mm puncture-prevention nylon tyre liner built into the tyre tread.
Reflective bands to make you more visible.


Lights powered by Shimano Nexus dynamo hub in the front wheel; screwed-on front rack; rear pannier rack welded to the frame; front and rear mudguards, side-mounted bike stand, chain guard around the entire chain; designed by our engineers.


Reinforced side-mounted bike stand to keep the bike stable when parked even with the pannier rack and front basket/rack loaded.

Compatible accessories

The welded pannier rack is certified for a load of 27 kg and can fit a compatible child seat or any of our ELOPS bags.
The frame has drill holes so you can mount a bottle cage or folding lock to the seat tube, and a Ringlock type lock on the back of the frame for the rear wheel. The front rack can hold a load of up to 7 kg and is fitted with elastic straps that allow you to slip an ART2 900 or 920 bike lock underneath and carry it safely.


Size S/M is designed for riders 1.55 m to 1.75 m tall. Size L/XL is designed for riders 1.75 m to 1.95 m tall. If you are between the two sizes, choose the larger size for a more comfortable ride.


Size S / M:19.6 kg
size L/XL: 19.9 kg

Maximum weight

This bike supports a maximum total weight of 110 kg (bike + rider + load).

Care tips

To prevent punctures and to get the most out of your bike, check the tyre pressure every fortnight when you're using the bike daily, or before each ride if you only use it occasionally.
Degrease and lubricate the chain as soon as dirt begins to accumulate.
Wash the frame with soapy water; do not use a high pressure water jet.

Storage/transport tips

Store your bike in a dry, cool place. If riding near the sea, clean your bike regularly to protect it from salt damage.
Transporting the step-through frame bike on a boot bike rack may require an adapter bar.

Use restrictions

Not suitable for off-road use. As this Dutch bike has very wide handlebars, take care when riding along narrow passages indoors or outdoors.


Designed in Lille by a team of Engineers and Designers.
Assembled in the European Union.

A word from the team

"...a bike that we entirely redesigned ourselves. And to get there took a 4-person design team, a host of discussions with bike component engineers, mock-ups, prototypes, and a great number of tests over the course of 4 years.
We worked hard to create a bike that was longer-lasting and for which you can find spare parts in stock. When it comes to getting around town, we believe that a bike remains one of the best alternatives to driving a car while also providing a means of good exercise."


Lifetime on frame, stem, handlebar and fork.
2 years (excluding normal wear) on other components.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 100% Steel


When possible, store the bike in a sheltered place or cover it with a tarp.

User Directions

Not designed for all-terrain or mountain biking.

Approved By

This bike has been developed and honed by our design teams, before being tested and approved by our testers out on the roads to make sure it perfectly meets the needs of urban cyclists.


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